CIFAL Scotland - SDGs in Scotland: Reframing Sustainable Development




30 sept. - 30 sept. 2014

Durée de l'évènement:

1 day


Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Local Development


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With less than 500 days left until the Millennium Development Goals expire, the next steps towards development will be made within the context of sustainability. Global discourse has centered on the idea of creating a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to follow the MDGs in 2015.
The 69th Session of the UN General Assembly will meet on 16th September 2014, with the debate beginning on 23rd September. It is anticipated that the forthcoming SDGs will be a central topic in these discussions.  

But(s) de l'évènement

The event will:

  1. Offer a fresh update on what is expected to be a historic UN General Assembly on the theme “Delivering on and Implementing a Transformative Post-2015 Development Agenda.'
  2. Strengthen the joined up action between the sustainability and international development communities in Scotland in preparation for the implementation of the post-2015 agenda

Objectifs d'apprentissage

  • To examine the Outcome Document Introduction to the Proposal of The Open Working Group for the Sustainable Development Goals
  • To identify the opportunities for Scottish stakeholders involvement in the process and next steps
  • To recognise the role of the UK Government and the Scottish Government in the post-2015 process
  • To discuss the way forward and future collaborative work


Series of short presentations, followed by facilitated dialogues which will feed into a summary of the discussions

Public visé

Private and public sectors representatives
NGOs representatives