CIFAL Shanghai- Global CEO Conference(Parallel Session: Smart City Forum)




12 nov. - 15 nov. 2013

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4 jours


Shanghai, China


Local Development


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Deadline for application: 8 Novembre 2013


 Global CEO Conference is launched by the United States Institutes in 2011. The conference provides an exchange platform in response to the call of “Global Cooperation for Promotion and Development” put forward by UNIDO at the United Nations Millennium Summit. Being the first initiative of Trilateral Cooperation launched by UN, the conference gathers developing and developed countries, to encourage economic and technological cooperation.

 The first three Global CEO Conferences were held in Shanghai. Representatives are leaders from political, business and academic circle from BRICS and other developing countries.
 The influence of the 2013 Global CEO Conference will be further increased by a larger scope of participants, such as politicians from emerging economies, experts from business circles and academia, etc. the number of which is expected to reach 1,500.

Contenu et structure

 The Global CEO Conference consists of

1.    Opening ceremony: “Green Transformation: the Common Agenda and New Role for Emerging Economies”.
2.    Special interactive sessions: discuss the new opportunities and challenges between emerging economies and developed countries
3.    Round table meeting: Global trade liberalization and Shanghai Free-trade Zone
4.    Parallel sessions:
      Parallel session I:  Smart City Promotion in China
      Parallel session II: Financial Revolution and Enterprise Development
      Parallel session III: Investment and Trade Workshops
      Parallel session IV:  Development Model Innovation under the New Economic Environment


Face to face

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Representatives from political, business and academic circle from around the world