CIFAL Shanghai- Shanghai Design Week 2013




05 sept. - 11 sept. 2013

Durée de l'évènement:

7 jours


Shanghai, China,


Local Development


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Deadline for registration: 3 Septembre 2013


Recent years has seen creative design industry vital in promoting economy in Shanghai. Combination of creative design industry and other industries will create novel manufacturing industry model. Creative design is especially advocated when Shanghai is facing economic transition.
In the future, Shanghai will be more internationalized by the promoting more local designer brands to  the world and elevating the overall creative design strength.
The event will enable participants to:
1.    Enhance international communication and business cooperation
2.    Promote abilities of Shanghai local design-related companies
3.    Optimizing creative industry structure


But(s) de l'évènement

The “Design by Shanghai” Exhibition is aimed to:
1.    Introduce fresh ideas from Shanghai to international fashion circle
2.    Spark concerns from international renown media and fashion professionals to Chinese original design
3.    Promote local designer brands to the world


Contenu et structure

The exhibition is themed by “Home, Four Seasons in Shanghai”
The exhibition captured scenes rooted in Shanghai people's daily lives. The furniture and  products from both famous local brands and avant-garde designers reveal the spirit of the modern Shanghainese, demonstrating rapid growth in their design industry.



Unique charm of Shanghai is presented by exhibition



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