CIFAL Shanghai: Smart City Public Lecture Series IV


Public Lecture


27 févr. - 27 févr. 2014

Durée de l'évènement:

1 day


Shanghai, China


Local Development


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The Smart City Public Lecture Series consists of ten public lectures, one per each month.
Each monthly lecture aims to provide suggestions and innovative solutions for Shanghai Smart City Development.
Each lecture addresses different key topics related to smart city development such as smart park development, smart industry development, latest business models adopted by internet enterprises, mobile internet applications and industry trends, among others.

But(s) de l'évènement

The Smart City Public Lecture Series aims to serve as a unique platform to raise awareness about Shanghai’s smart city development, to exchange ideas and experiences, to network and identify opportunities for business and cooperation. 

Contenu et structure

The public lecture IV will focus on « the mobile internet industry in China, the Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, the Shanghai Mobile Internet Application Promotion Center, and the People-Squared Company, among others”
The lecture will include the following sessions:
  1. Steve Jobs- A miracle
  2. What revolution does mobile internet bring
  3. Mobile internet and the third industrial revolution
  4. Misconception of mobile internet
  5. Case studies about entrepreneurship and innovation in the framework of mobile internet
  6. Self-salvation- how to utilize mobile internet



The Smart City Public Lecture Series bring awareness about smart city development. The lectures are interactive and include:
  • Expert presentations
  • Case study analysis 
  • Open discussion
  • Dialogue and networking opportunities

Public visé

  • Private sector
  • Public institutions
  • Academia including colleges and universities
  • Citizens and civil society
  • Anyone who is interested in and concerned with the topics discussed