CIFAL Shanghai- The 1st China Aid Training Course: Information Security Technology for Developing Countries




16 Mai - 10 juill. 2013

Durée de l'évènement:

55 jours


Shanghai, China


Local Development


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Participation subject to application approval by UNITAR. Notification will be sent once application selection process has been finalized.
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Deadline for application: 9 Mai 2013


The vision and challenge of information security technology application are faced by participants from various fields such as government departments, financial system, enterprises and urban development, etc.
In order to learn more comprehensive knowledge on principles of information security and its application, they are introduced to China’s practice and achievements in the field of application and development of information security technology. 



But(s) de l'évènement

1.      The training is believed to help participants to acquire necessary knowledge about information management and security prevention technology.


2.      Also the training is believed to further promote economic and technical cooperation in the field of information security technology between China and the trainees countries.



Objectifs d'apprentissage

The course on Information Security Technology bears the mission to arm participants with 
1.      More comprehensive knowledge on principles of information security and its application


2.      Necessary knowledge about information management and security prevention technology

Contenu et structure

The program is divided into thematic lectures, special subjects, free discussion, case studies and spot investigation.
Therefore, the various modules of lectures below will be referred to during the training course:
1.    Module 1:Overview of Information Security, Information Security Products, Information Security Technology and Projects, Information Security Management, Network Security, Information Protection Technology, Information Security Laws and Regulations, and Information Security Solutions, etc.
2.    Module 2: application of information security hardware and software products, fault diagnosis, purchasing and testing, adjusting, security system formulation and security responsibility confirmation.


3.    Technical Visit: Participants will have opportunities to visit several famous information security enterprises and institutes in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Hangzhou, Wuxi, etc. 


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Officials and technicians engaged in information and communication security management and other related fields