Global South South Development Expo Side Event 2013: Forum on Academia


Side Event


01 nov. - 01 nov. 2013

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1 day


Nairobi, Kenya


Environment, Climate Change


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This Forum is a side event of the Global South-South Development (GSSD) Expo 2013 which aims to provide a platform for the sharing and exchange of scalable, replicable and innovative Southern solutions that have significant development impact.

But(s) de l'évènement

The Forum on Academia focuses on environmental education in higher education, such as the development of sustainability indicators for campuses and the mainstreaming of environmental education across university curricula, with a specific focus on sustainability solutions. The Forum is held within the context of GUPES, the Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability, and follows a dialogue format in which education experts from developing regions share and discuss tangible sustainability solutions, approaches and experiences.