High Level Forum Discussion: "UN Support for Advancing Defence Sector Reform at the National Level"



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Formation diplomatique


20 nov. - 20 nov. 2012

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1 day


New York, NY, United States


Special event, Peace Security and Diplomacy


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In August 2011, the policy on Defense Sector Reform (DSR) has been approved by UnderSecretaryGeneral of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. The policy was prepared by the Security Sector Reform Unit, in coordination with the Office of Military Affairs and the Inter Agency Security Sector Reform Task Force.

In September 2012, C34 - Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, published its annual report where its views on DSR and of security sector reform, of which it forms a part, were articulated:‘The Special Committee encourages the Office of the Rule of Law and Security Institutions and the Office of Military Affairs to continue engaging in consultations with Member States.’

But(s) de l'évènement

The purpose of this forum discussion is to assist the United Nations to engage in further consultations with all Member States as to how best operationalize the policy both in practical terms and in the mobilization of resources.

Contenu et structure

The event will include the first screening of a short video, ‘DSR- The Transformation to Accountable Armies’, developed in association with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, followed by a panel discussion where we especially welcome your view on this subject.

Public visé

Able to register for this High Level Forum are Permanent Missions' representatives at the PR/DPR level as well as Permanent Missions' Specialists on SSR/DSR.