Human Rights




27 nov. - 04 déc. 2013

Durée de l'évènement:

5 jours


Geneva, Switzerland & web-based


Multilateral Diplomacy


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A comprehensive knowledge and awareness of human rights is key to any organisation working in the field of development and international cooperation. Representing the Global Fund, staff may encounter breaches in human rights, LGTB rights and the right to health. Building on UNITAR’s existing expertise in providing training activities in the field of human rights – including orientation and briefing sessions, professional skills development workshops, e-Learning training, and the awareness-raising on contemporary policies and issues – this training programme has been customised to meet the needs of The Global Fund. 

But(s) de l'évènement

The training module aims to provide participants with an overview of the normative framework and institutions which are designed to protect human rights, and will additionally offer tools to help implement and strengthen strategies on Human Rights issues. 


Objectifs d'apprentissage

 At the end of the Module, participants should be able to:

  • Be aware of the legal and policy framework of human rights and their extent and know where to look for human rights guidance
  • Describe human rights principles and standards found in the work of the UN and OHCHR’s mandate and working methods;
  • Discuss the Global Fund’s approach and commitment to human rights and how human rights are relevant to attainment of the Global Fund’s objectives;
  • Explain how human rights work at the international level within international organisations and apply the Global Fund’s internal strategies on Human Rights and SOGI;
  • Identify the specific rights of women, girls, LGTB and criminalized populations;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Human Rights issues specific for work ‘in the field’


Contenu et structure

The training is split in two parts: an e-Learning component followed by a two-day face-to-face training workshop. The e-Learning part will provide participants with a thorough foundational knowledge of Human Rights from which the face-to-face course will depart. The highly interactive face-to-face workshop will aim to complement and further develop participants’ knowledge and awareness of Human Rights through a more detailed and participatory training. Particular attention will be given to issues concerning gender, LGTB rights and the Right to Health. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn and test their skills through discussions and by responding to simulations of real-life scenarios Global Fund staff might encounter in their every day work. 


The workshop is highly interactive and the training session will simulate practical situations of protocol and Intercultural communication followed by feedback from both the group and the trainer alike.

The e-Learning component is internet-based and places emphasis on self-paced learning. The participants will be primarily responsible for their own learning. Only participants who have done both the e-Learning and the F2F part will receive a certificate for the Module. 

Public visé

 This training session is specifically designed for Global Fund staff