International Symposium in Bergen




16 oct. - 17 oct. 2012

Durée de l'évènement:

2 jours


Bergen, Norway


Climate Change, Migration, Satellite Imagery and Analysis, Development, Natural Disasters, Human Rights


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+41 22 766 2324

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UNITAR has identified the need to further explore the interplay between climate change, development and human rights in order to gain knowledge on how the international community and Member States can benefit from a more holistic approach when addressing these issues. While several entities and programmes internationally do focus on one or the other of these important global challenges, we want to focus on their interplay in the areas that are tangent or common to all three.

But(s) de l'évènement

The Bergen Symposium will explore how the interplay climate change – development – human rights works at different scales, from global down to local level, where people live, and also see how new technologies can bring value to create synergy in that regards.

Contenu et structure

The symposium includes keynote addresses from high-level policy makers, panel discussions, moderated sessions for presentations on state-of-art for selected themes and their link to the interplay. Plarticipants will contribute to defining a declaration on the interplay and how to move forward ensuring further knowledge is gained on the issue. To ensure a true cross-cutting and milti-disciplinary event, specific themes are identified: health, migration & security, environment, and natural disasters. During the symposium we will explore how these themes relate to the dimension of interplay which we want to explore.

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International organizations, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, private sector.