Workshop on Structure, Drafting and Adoption of United Nations Resolutions (New Date)



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Formation diplomatique


16 Mai - 17 Mai 2013

Durée de l'évènement:

2 jours


New York, NY, United States


Multilateral Diplomacy


USD 500


You will not be charged for the course at this point. In case a sufficient number of participant signs up for the course, we will ask you in a separate email to confirm your interest and your payment. The workshop is free-of-charge for diplomats assigned to a mission from a low or middle income country according to the World Bank classification. Diplomats from high-income countries and representatives of international, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations, civil society and other interested individuals are required to pay the participation fee.

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Participation subject to application approval by UNITAR. Notification and link for the payment will be sent once application selection process has been finalized.
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While the Charter of the United Nations has often been regarded as the constitution of the Organization, resolutions adopted by its principal organs may be considered as its laws. Hence the need for accuracy, respect of the correct terminology and search for the proper expression. Over the years, United Nations resolutions have acquired a distinctive style. Furthermore, the rules relating to the adoption of resolutions have been supplemented by a number of practices. This workshop aims at providing thorough training on all these topics.

Objectifs d'apprentissage

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the structure and form of United Nations resolutions and decisions;
  • Apply this improved understanding and enhanced skills when drafting resolutions;  
  • Distinguish the rules and practices relating to the adoption of resolutions

Contenu et structure

The workshop takes place over three days and contains the following modules:

  • Presentation on the structure and drafting of resolutions and decisions;
  • Drafting exercises;
  • Discussion on decision-making in the various United Nations organs and the steps leading to the adoption of resolutions.


The workshop is conducted by Mr. Jean Gazarian, UNITAR Senior Fellow. Mr. Gazarian, who was for 18 years Director of the Division of General Assembly Affairs, has an extensive knowledge of the procedures and practices related to United Nations resolutions and decisions.  In view of the limited duration of the workshop, active involvement of participants is required throughout the course.

Public visé

The workshop is designed primarily for members of permanent missions in New York who are involved in the drafting of resolutions. Registration is limited to 40 persons. 

Informations complémentaires

Please note, that there is a course participation fee of 500 USD for participants who do not belong to the personnell of a permanent mission from a low or middle income country (according to the World Bank classification). As this fee does not apply to all participants, you will no be charged at this time, but receive an email after having completed the registration with details about the payment process.

Diplomats may pay individually per course attended, or their country may wish to cover the costs of an annual subscription of $10,500. An annual subscription will ensure free access, at each workshop and special training, for up to 5 diplomats of the Permanent Missions in New York and representatives of foreign governments for the full range of UNITAR CDT courses in 2012. For more details, please contact Ms. Tatiana Lopez at 212 963 9196 or

Important: Participation will be confirmed once payment is received. Participants are required to make payment by credit card or wire transfer. UNITAR reserves the right to rescind an applicant's enrolment at any time in case of non-receipt of payment.

All participants who successfully complete the workshop will receive a UNITAR Certificate of Completion.