Public Session VIII: Hiroshima's peace legacy in the 21st Century


Public Lecture


29 Sep - 29 Sep 2010

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0.5 day


Hiroshima, Japan

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Environmental Governance and Law, Governance, International Law


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As part of UNITAR Hiroshima's community outreach programme, these Public Sessions are held on a monthly basis in order to benefit the local and international community.

Event Objectives

Hiroshima. A name that holds myriad values the world over. What legacy does this city have as the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close? As the immediacy of the events of August 6 1945 have receded into memory, has too the impact? What shape will the memory of that day take when the last of the hibakusha pass? How are the differing values, the differing stakeholder interests and the differing visions of Hiroshima's future and past, roles and responsibilities and legacy to be identified and integrated? These questions will be examined during this UNITAR public session.

Content and Structure

UNITAR Hiroshima Public Sessions consist of presentations followed by a Question and Answer session.

Targeted Audience

Public Sessions are open to anyone to attend. Please visit our website at, or alternatively mail us at to register.

Additional Information

Public Sessions are presented in English/Japanese with consecutive translation to Japanese where applicable.