Leadership and Charisma Executive Summer Retreat




25 Aug - 29 Aug 2014

Duration of event:

5 days


Montreux, Switzerland

Programme area:

Peace Security and Diplomacy, Multilateral Diplomacy


USD 7860


Participation fee includes all course materials, trainers, accommodation in a luxury hotel and meals from Monday lunch time to Friday lunch time, conference rooms, bus transfer from Geneva airport to Montreux and back, and excursions.

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Deadline for registration: 15 August 2014


This summer, UNITAR is delighted to launch its Executive Retreat on Strategic Leadership and Charisma. The retreat will aim to bring together participants from both the public and private sectors, to generate synergies and opportunities for learning and mutual engagement. Leadership skills are essential to building new and strategic, personal and professional development trajectories, and in times of change must therefore be prioritized by individuals and organizations alike. Taking place in Montreux, Switzerland, the retreat will offer participants the chance to step outside of their daily lives, and thus will provide an environment for creative and innovative thinking, and new and mindful learning. The luxurious and scenic environment will inspire the mind, whilst substantive sessions and social activities will create opportunities to engage in intellectual debate and orient new objectives, goals and priorities.

Event Objectives

The retreat is designed to equip decision-makers with the skills, knowledge and abilities to take executive decisions by seizing critical opportunities for change. It will also develop effective leadership so as to shape organizations for tomorrow. Participants will become aware of the influence they can have on others, both intended and unintended, obtain insights into their personality and how it impacts their leadership style. They will learn to create a more powerful, positive and long-lasting impact within and outside their organization. The retreat draws on the latest leadership models and innovative interactive training methods that require a different approach to thinking about effective leadership. It will allow participants to recognize their own leadership strength, to build on this expertise and to develop their capacities to increase those leadership skills in an effective and broad-based manner.

Content and Structure

This five day retreat as the following content:

Day 1: Introduction and programme outline, Charisma and Leadership (I) - what is effective leadership, Video recording of speech

Day 2: Charisma and Leadership (II) - developing your charisma, evening activity

Day 3: Strategic Leadership (I) - setting the vision and the organization’s strategy, exercises, excursion

Day 4: Strategic Leadership (II) - strategy implementation, exercises, excursion

Day 5: Feedback on leadership styles and personality, personal feedback and group disussion


The retreat will be interactive, dynamic, open and discursive, incorporating group activities to enhance personal learning in a comprehensive results-based approach to professional capacities building. The facilitators are all excellent presenters and highly motivational who will use an innovative methodological approach promoted by UNITAR; pedagogical activities will include the use of simulation exercises, video-recordings followed by self-assessments, case studies and group discussions in order to support participants in the development of their knowledge and skills. By the end of the retreat, participants will be immediately able to apply the concepts learned on their jobs. The training session will be delivered by renowned and inspiring professionals who are experts in the field of Leadership, Charisma, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management.

Targeted Audience

The retreat is designed for cosmopolitan leaders including diplomats, government officials, civil servants, and executives and senior managers who seek to reflect on or further develop their leadership styles. Professionals who are not yet leaders but who are aspiring to take on leading roles in their respective organizations are also welcome to apply. The retreat will offer a unique platform for the exchange of experience and insights from both private and public sector decision-makers.

Additional Information

APPLICATION Please apply by 31 July 2014 to leadership@unitar.org including a CV. In order to have a diverse range of backgrounds, applicants will be individually selected following an assessment by an academic in the relevant field. You will be notified of the outcome within a week of submission. Fees must be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice in order to accept and secure a place. Once you have accepted and paid, your place is confirmed. Further details including any pre-course reading materials will then be made available to you.

PARTICIPANT CRITERIA Fluency in English and significant professional experience.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE We recommend you to arrive on Monday morning at the airport of Geneva. A bus will leave at 11h00 from the airport to bring you to your hotel in Montreux. The retreat will officially start during an informal lunch at the hotel on Monday. You may also arrive in Geneva on Sunday or spend the weekend in Geneva, however we do not cover any costs previous to the bus transfer on Monday. On Friday, please make sure you take a flight back as from 16h30 onwards. The bus will drop you at the airport. The retreat will officially finish at 14h00, we will be at the airport at approximately 15h30.