Migration and Development Series: Briefing on Integration of Migrants



Specific Target Audience:

Core Diplomatic Training


18 May - 18 May 2010

Duration of event:

1 day


New York, United States

Programme area:

International Law


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It is increasingly recognized today that the integration of migrants requires a process of mutual adaptation between migrant communities and the societies in which they live and participate. Beyond government action facilitating the integration of migrants through adequate legal protections and the extension of public services, all sectors of society face the task of building communities that acknowledge and enable migrants’ positive contributions. However, responses may vary and need to be tailored to different migration contexts such as permanent versus temporary and work versus family-related migration. 

Event Objectives

This half day seminar is conceived as a preparatory event for the Third Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, to be held in Rio de Janeiro on 27 -29 May 2010.  It aims to prepare the delegates of the Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York for discussing one of the priority areas of the Alliance, namely migration and integration.

Learning Objectives

Content and Structure

This half-day briefing provides participants with an enhanced understanding of:

  • Role and relevance of migration and migrant integration in the context of the discussion on social integration;
  • Integration challenges facing migrants and host societies; 
  • Government policies and civil society actions that can facilitate the integration of migrants;
  • Benefits of integration.


As an informative face-to-face event facilitated by UNITAR, this briefing features renowned experts from governments, the United Nations system, other international organizations and civil society.  Following their presentations, participants have an opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with the speakers. 

Targeted Audience

This briefing is open to members of permanent missions to the United Nations in New York who serve on the Second, Third and Sixth Committees, or work on migration and development issues in the context of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, International Conference on Population and Development, et cetera.  Representatives of governments, international organizations, the United Nations system, civil society and private sector with academic or professional interest on the topic are also encouraged to participate.