Migration and Development Series: Seminar on Migration and the Millennium Development Goals



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Core Diplomatic Training


02 Sep - 02 Sep 2010

Duration of event:

1 day


New York, United States

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International Law


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In September 2000, world leaders came together at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and adopted the far-reaching Millennium Declaration. Heads of State and Government committed their countries to achieving eight specific development targets by 2015, collectively known as Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs aim to: 1) end extreme poverty and hunger, 2) provide universal primary education, 3) achieve gender equality, 4) reduce child mortality, 5) improve maternal health, 6) combat HIV/AIDS, 7) ensure environmental sustainability and 8) develop a global partnership for development. While migration is not an explicit part of the MDGs, it greatly affects and is affected by the achievement of the MDGs. With only five years to go before the 2015 deadline, it is timely to re-examine the interlinkages between migration and the MDGs.

Event Objectives

The seminar intends to inform participants about the interlinkages between migration and the MDGs by looking at concrete case studies that highlight the opportunities created by migration for the achievement of the various goals enshrined in the MDGs.

Content and Structure

 The one-day seminar explores the following topics:

  • Intersection between migration and the MDGs as evidenced by concrete case studies;
  • Policy approaches to maximize the benefits of migration for MDG achievement.


 As an informative face-to-face event facilitated by UNITAR, this seminar features renowned experts from governments, the United Nations system, the International Organization for Migration, other international organizations and civil society. Following their presentations, participants have an opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with the speakers.

Targeted Audience

 The seminar is open to members of permanent missions to the United Nations who work on migration and development issues. Representatives of governments, international organizations, the United Nations system, civil society and private sector with academic or professional interest on the topic are also encouraged to participate. 

Additional Information

All participants who successfully complete the seminar will receive a UNITAR Certificate of Completion.