National Priority Setting Workshop to Implement Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration




03 Nov - 04 Nov 2010

Duration of event:

2 days


Gaborone, Botswana

Programme area:

Environment, Environmental Governance and Law



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Private – by invitation   Face-to-Face    English   open to register/apply

Private events - by invitation only are reserved for a pre-determined group of participants.


The workshop brings together representatives of concerned government sectors and stakeholder groups to set priorities and identify action with the goal to enhance national implementation of Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration and its three pillars: access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters. Discussions build upon the analysis provided in the National Profile on Principle 10 implementation prepared through a participatory process in advance.

Event Objectives

The workshop has the following objectives:

  • Review and endorse the draft National Profile on Principle 10 Implementation
  • Determine sectors and issue areas of priority for capacity development
  • Identify specific actions to address identified priority capacity gaps
  • Agree on workplan to complete the National Action Plan for Principle 10 Implementation
  • Obtain commitment of senior government decision-makers and other stakeholders

Content and Structure

The workshop is a two day event. Day 1 focuses on the analysis of the National Profile and identification of national priorities. Day 2 focuses on the identification of specific action for capacity development and the development of a workplan to complete a National Action Plan through a participatory process. 


The workshop is a face-to-face event. It features a combination of presentations in plenary and a series of working group sessions which allow discussing specific issues in more depth. The final plenary session will present workshop results and facilitate agreement on follow-up action.  

Targeted Audience

Representatives of various government sectors and various stakeholder groups