CIFAL Jeju: My Green Dream Campaign Workshop for South Korean Youth




16 Авг - 17 Авг 2012

Продолжительность мероприятия:

2 дней


Jeju, Republic of Korea


Environment, Climate Change, Biodiversity , Local Development



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О мероприятии

The Green Dreams Campaign, or My Green Dream, aims to activate youth worldwide to collect citizen feedback by training them to be ‘dream-catchers’ and map the priorities of urban citizens into 14 categories. ‘Dreams’ lasting up to 1 minute are recorded using cameras or smart phones and uploaded on a YouTube Channel and website.These dreams are presented to local decision makers encouraging them to take action for more local green growth. Launched at the 2011 International Conference of Innovative Cities (ICIC) in Curitiba, Brazil, by CIFAL Curitiba (a UNITAR training centre for local development learning) the campaign has now spread to the United Kingdom, the United States, across Brazil, and now Asia, beginning with South Korea.

The campaign also premiered at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, as part of the UN Future We Want social media campaign, with a live exhibition of selected Green Dreams for all to see at the Rio+20 Conference premises RioCentro. Since June 2012, the campaign has continued to gain ground spreading across countries with current dreams now collected from places as far as Switzerland, India and more! To view the entire collection of dreams see:

Задачи мероприятия

CIFAL Jeju will now host its first training to bring the campaign to and for South Korean youth leaders who can become "dreamcatchers" to go out and collect, document, map and share local citizen priorities or "green dreams" across Korea. CIFAL Jeju's August 16-17th workshop will be held as a preparatory event for the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, taking place from September 6-15 in Jeju, where the campaign will go live.

This first training aims to develop the first round of young "dreamcatchers," hosting 50 university students from different cities and universities across Korea. During the event, CIFAL Jeju will also already begin collecting ‘my green dream’ video clips from all training participants and upload them on the U-tube campaign channel.

Содержание и структура

The two-day training will consist of a variety of face to face and video lectures, roleplaying exercises and hands-on activities.


This training will use a face to face training methodology, including various exercises to ensure practical learning of the usage of social media tools for researching and documenting public interests in a participatory manner.

Целевая аудитория

As a primary target audience this workhop will aim to train youth leaders, and as a secondary target audience it will aim to raise awareness among general public audiences and local governments across Korean urban centres about the Green Dreams campaign and the methodology, using social media tools.

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For more information about the Green Dreams campaign in Korea see

For more information about the Green Dreams campaign worlwide see: or contact