CIFAL Shanghai: Creative Industries Management Talent Training




26 Авг - 28 Авг 2010

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3 дней


Shanghai, China


Local Development



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О мероприятии

2010 Shanghai Expo is the first Expo that is held in a developing country. The theme “Better City, Better Life” reflects a creative and amazing Expo. Creative industries have become means of speeding up the economy, coordinating development and adjusting industrial structure and are playing a more and more significant role. However, the growing shortage of creative talents has become the bottleneck of restricting the development of creative industries in China. Shanghai is the first to begin to explore the transition of development mode by setting up different kinds of creative industries talent training bases and sharing experience and achievements with the world. 

Задачи мероприятия


  1. Understand the international situation and development trend of creative industries;
  2. Understand the advanced management, operation and concept of construction of creative industries bases;
  3. Understand the characteristics and types of creative goods and frontiers in creative industries through interactive case studies and field study of creative industries models;
  4. Understand the policy of planning and promoting creative goods; expand channels for international cooperation to improve students' overall capacity of applying technology and management theory to solve practical problems.


Содержание и структура

1. Development and practice of Shanghai Creative Industries;
2. Planning and construction of creative industries park;
3. Creation makes a wonderful Expo;
4. Creative thinking and innovation;
5. Innovative city and creative city;
6. On-site teaching in Lifestyle zone;
7. On-site teaching in Shanghai Creative Industries Park


Целевая аудитория

  • Managers/senior directors of enterprises in the Creative Industrial Park;
  • Directors from the creative industry, other relevant staff from all over the country;

Дополнительная информация

 Certification upon completion.