Direct access to financing by Local Governments




25 Июн - 26 Июн 2010

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2 дней


Batam, Indonesia


Local Development



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О мероприятии

In the framework of the UCLG 2nd Global Report on decentralization and Local democracy, which focuses on the theme of local finances, all UCLG regional sections have been involved in the collection of statistical data on local finances.

This resulted in the demand to develop concrete tools that could help the regional members to build their advocacy strategies and lobbying activities to national and regional institutions.

Задачи мероприятия

The workshop will focus on the topic of direct access to finance and the main aim is to:

- Set up a policy document for action in which regional lobbying is pursued. The data collected for the 2nd Global Report will serve as input

- Exchange best practices

- Develop concrete tools to build advocacy strategies

Содержание и структура


Global Report on local democracy

Direct access of local governments to financing

Module 2:

Elaboration of a final policy document on fiscal decentralization



- Technical presentation by experts in the field of fiscal decentralization

- Roundtables

Целевая аудитория

Mayors /local governments leaders from the Asia Pacific region.