Public Session I: The Global Economic Crisis and Japan’s Future


Public Lecture


27 Янв - 27 Янв 2010

Продолжительность мероприятия:

0.5 день


Hiroshima, Japan


Public Finance and Trade, Public Session


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О мероприятии

UNITAR Hiroshima Public Sessions are held on a monthly basis in order to benefit the local and international community, as well as to enhance exchange between UNITAR experts and the people of Hiroshima.

Задачи мероприятия

This Public Session aims to outline not only the global causes of the current economic crisis, but also the policy responses taken by world governments, with a particular focus on Japan.

Содержание и структура

UNITAR Hiroshima Public Sessions consist of presentations followed by a Question and Answer session.

Дополнительная информация

Public Sessions are presented in English/Japanese with consecutive translation to Japanese where applicable.