Seminar on Transitional Justice and Building Peace




14 Июн - 14 Июн 2013

Продолжительность мероприятия:

1 день


United Nations New York , United States


transitional justice and peace building


USD 300


You will not be charged for the course at this point. In case a sufficient number of participant signs up for the course, we will ask you in a separate email to confirm your interest and your payment. The workshop is free-of-charge for diplomats assigned to a mission from a low or middle income country according to the World Bank classification. Diplomats from high-income countries and representatives of international, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations, civil society and other interested individuals are required to pay the participation fee.

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Participation subject to application approval by UNITAR. Notification and link for the payment will be sent once application selection process has been finalized.
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О мероприятии


Задачи мероприятия

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:
·         Explore key policy issues in the area of transitional justice, including accountability and rule of law
·         Analyze the role of the International Criminal Court and transitional justice;
·         Understand the link between transitional justice and building peace.
·         Understand the link between reconciliation processes and building peace
·         Understand the link between institutional reform, including SSR in building peace


Combining a participatory and practice-oriented approach, the workshop will include brief presentations and panel discussions, as well as interactions with the audience through Q & A sessions. The workshop will be held in English and organized over a full day, led by leading experts in transitional justice.

Целевая аудитория

This seminar is designed for all members of Permanent Missions, especially delegates covering third committee, fourth committee and sixth committee, UN staff and interested representatives of non-governmental organizations, academia and the private sector are also welcome to attend. Applicants are requested to regard their participation as a firm commitment.

Дополнительная информация

The seminar will be held in Conference Room E (CB) on 14 June 2013 from 11 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.