1 October 2012, Hiroshima, Japan

The third workshop in the 2012 Cycle of the UNITAR Fellowship for Afghanistan programme is currently underway in Hiroshima, Japan. Attended by the 75 Fellows in the seven-month long programme, predominantly mid-senior level civil servants and practitioners from Afghanistan, the Session is being led by Dr. Michael Fors of the Microsoft Corporation. Examining Project Implementation and Organisational Change Management, the session utilises both individual and team projects that have made up the Fellowship to date, and builds upon lessons learned in Workshop I, held in Kabul and Workshop II, held in the United Arab Emirates in July.smiling participants

The Session benefits from the participation of mentors from the Singapore International Foundation and the University of Calgary, bringing the total number of participants to 85.

The Session also examines the post-conflict reconstruction of Hiroshima, elements undertaken in cooperation with the Municipality of Hiroshima and the Prefectural Government of Hiroshima.