ITTCO BoardThis new training initiative, conducted under the joint auspices of the UN Institute for Training and Research and the United Nations Global Compact aims at strengthening private sector engagement to support UN goals by increasing knowledge and capacity to embrace the UN Global Compact principles into their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and policies.

The signature ceremony was held in the City Hall of Antwerp with representatives of the founding member institutions, in presence of the Vice-Mayor in charge of representing the City of Antwerp, and under the guidance of the Public Notary.

Supported by the Flemish Government the center proposes a new approach to strategic leadership and operational business management. Training activities are designed and developed following UNITAR standards for quality and are delivered through partnerships with specialized institutions and internationally-recognized universities. Whilst some of its activities focus on the diamond and jewelry industry, the scope of the Antwerp-ITCCO is being expanded to other business/industry sectors.

The Antwerp ITCCO is the only UN-affiliated international training center that offers courses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on an industry approach and through a UN perspective. The Antwerp-ITCCO aims to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing for companies and organizations to respond to the growing demands of their stakeholders to address CSR and sustainability issues.

The Royal Decree on the creation of the Antwerp-ITCCO as a Foundation of Public Interest was promulgated on 25 April 2012.

Photo from left to right: Ari Epstein, CEO of AWDC, Gaetano Cavalieri, President CIBJO, John Colpaert, President FVD, Amal Medani, Associate Director UNITAR, Ludo Van Campenhout, Vice-Mayor of Antwerp, and Jocelyn Fenard, Senior Specialist UNITAR and Manager Antwerp-ITCCO.