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Green Legacy Hiroshima initiative

Green Legacy Hiroshima has been established to safeguard and spread worldwide the seeds and saplings of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees.  It is hoped that many partners will join this initiative and become active ambassadors in their countries of Hiroshima, its peace message and its green legacy.


Download the 2016-2017 list of available species for seed distribution (PDF, 299KB)

Green Legacy HiroshimaGeren Legacy Hiroshima

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

November/December 2016

New seed-picking season with GLH family in Hiroshima (Camphor, Persimmon, Kurogane holly, from trees at Hiroshima Castle and on Peace Avenue).

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Introduction to Green Legacy Hiroshima video

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Symbol mark for all Atomic-bombed Trees and their descendants around the world. GLH encourages all its partners to use this symbol mark when creating plaques for their trees.

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Atsushi SeoThe GLH logo and symbol mark were designed and gifted to GLH by Mr. Atsushi Seo. 

Mr. Seo is creative director of the market design division of Hakuhodo advertising company in Hiroshima. He has been the winner of numerous awards, including the Asahi Award and the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Award.


Latest News

September 2017

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa

Tomoko Watanabe, Co-Founder of GLH, visited the saplings at Kirstenbosch during her trip to South Africa. She also took part in a planting ceremony at the Cape Town Holocaust Centre.

GLH focal point Adam Harrower, Senior Botanical Horticulturist at Kirstenbosch, plans to take remaining saplings for planting at Vergelegen's arboretum. He also gave Willem Pretorius, a bonsai expert at the Stellenbosch Botanical Garden, many Kurogane holly seedlings, to be cultivated into a Hiroshima bonsai forest.

Green Legacy Hiroshima trees in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South AfricaGreen Legacy Hiroshima trees

Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile

The university has launched a website about their Green Legacy project, involving mostly educational programmes for children.

Leiden Botanical Garden, Netherlands

Almost all of the seeds have germinated, and the saplings are growing quickly at Leiden. Garden staff have sought hosts to take care of the trees over the summer, potentially for exhibition, in order to spread the story of hibakujumoku to more people in the Netherlands.

Green Legacy Hiroshima trees in Leiden Botanical Garden, Netherlands

August 2017

Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Lithuania

The Botanical Garden held a commemorative event on 6 August. A ginkgo, grown from seeds from Hiroshima, was planted by H.E. Ambassador of Japan to Lithuania Toyoei Shigeeda and Botanical Garden Director Audrius Skridaila. Lanterns, made by Lithanian children, were launched in a nearby pond, accompanied by traditional Japanese music.

Green Legacy Hiroshima tree in the Botanical Garden of Vilnius UniversityGreen Legacy Hiroshima trees

Umuco Mwiza School, Rwanda

The seedlings are growing slowly in the hot climate.

Green Legacy Hiroshima trees in Umuco Mwiza School, RwandaGreen Legacy Hiroshima trees in Umuco Mwiza School, Rwanda

New College of Florida and Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, U.S.A.

The young saplings were displayed at a ceremony on 1 August at the Selby Gardens and can be visited by the public throughout August.

“The seeds have great symbolic value and they represent the resilience of nature,” said Dr. Manuel Lopez-Zafra, who helped establish the partnership with Green Legacy. “At the same time, they also deliver a message of caution about the dangers of mass destruction and nuclear weapons in particular.”

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Westmount Park United Church and Dawson College, Canada

Ginkgo seeds arrived safely and already germinating, so they were planted immediately. GLH partners hope to have several trees in chosen places across Montreal in 2018.

Rochester City, U.S.A.

Rochester held a dedication ceremony on 6 August for one of their ginkgo saplings, which had been planted in late June 2017 at the Dexter Lane Baseball Field.

Please read an article https://sippican.villagesoup.com/p/1667955#.WYiugLpA_gM.email and https://sippican.villagesoup.com/p/hiroshima-tree-sapling-planted-on-bombing-anniversary/1676401#.WYivM9TiUwI.email on the planting.

Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand

Partnership with the Dunedin Botanic Garden has been established, and seeds just arrived from The Hiroshima Botanical Garden. GLH received a letter from Dave Cull, Mayor of Dunedin, in which he looks forward to strengthening ties between Hiroshima and Dunedin through symbolic seeds that "remind us of the possibility of new life."

Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego, U.S.A.

For the past three years, the Japanese Friendship Garden has held a summer camp program for children to experiences various forms of Japanese culture. This year, this included reading "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" for 12-14 year age group, an event initiated by GLH partner Mike Kawamura’s visit to Hiroshima last year.

The Garden's second-generation hibakujumoku are growing steadily, especially the camphor, which is now five feet tall.

July 2017

Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences, Japan

The persimmon and camphor trees are growing larger.

Green Legacy Hiroshima tree in Yokohama Institute for Earth SciencesGreen Legacy Hiroshima tree

June 2017

Los Alamos History Museum

In June 2017 the Los Alamos History Museum received from GLH and the Hiroshima Botanical Garden four varieties of second generation, atomic bomb tree seeds—camphor, ginkgo, holly, and persimmon. With help from staff master gardeners and Los Alamos County Parks Department, the museum will be cultivating these historic trees for future planting on the museum campus.

atomic bomb tree seeds in Los Almos History Museumatomic bomb tree seeds in Los Almos History Museum

atomic bomb tree seeds in Los Almos History Museumatomic bomb tree seeds in Los Almos History Museum

Mr. McCue, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and one of the most active and committed partners of Green Legacy Hiroshima continues his campaign on behalf of Hiroshima’s trees.

Green Legacy Hiroshima a-bomb tree sapling

Leiden Botanical Garden

Raised from seed under the able care of GLH partner Thierry Hogan in France, a beautiful Ginkgo biloba (photos below) was sent to the historical Leiden Botanical Garden, in the Netherlands. A special thanks to Shuhei Nishiyama, former UNITAR intern, to Dr. Rinny Kooi of Leiden and to Marty Friedriksen and friends, all of whom rallied to get this Ginkgo safely to destination. Dr. Siebold’s spirit will be pleased.

Leiden Botanical Garden a-bomb tree saplingLeiden Botanical Garden a-bomb tree sapling

Leiden Botanical Garden newspaper articleLeiden Botanical Garden a-bomb tree saplings

April 2017

From our tireless friend in Italy, the ever-present Tiziana Volta

'In this very critical  moment a little Hope of Peace..two seeds of ginkgo biloba (A-bombed tree from Hiroshima) are growing..
A warm hug 

Green Legacy Hiroshima a-bomb tree seeds

March 2017

Kutaisi Botanical Garden, Georgia

Safe arrival of seeds in Kutaisi, Georgia, one of GLH’s newest partners.

Green Legacy Hiroshima a-bomb tree seedsGreen Legacy Hiroshima a-bomb tree seeds

Tehran National Botanical Garden, Iran

Perseverance of GLH partners at the Tehran Peace Museum and the Hiroshima Botanical Garden bears fruit…the Ginkgo survived the severe winter weather of Tehran, thank you everyone for never giving up!

Tehran National Botanical Garden, IranTehran National Botanical Garden, Iran

January 2017

Asia Pacific University, Japan

Students of Biodiversity course and Environmental Chemistry course got together in front of Hibaku Sakura.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Asia Pacific University, JapanGreen Legacy Hiroshima, Asia Pacific University, Japan

Mizuho Town, Japan

Kurogane holly growing strongly even though it got half-buried by snow.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Mizuho Town, Japan

Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Little Ginkgo biloba looks frail but is actually doing very well, relieved that long drought over, California drenched in much-needed rain these days!

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Hanson, Massachusetts, USA

Thanks to the wonderfully tireless GLH partner Michael McCue, the new year message of Green Legacy Hiroshima published in local newspaper.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Hanson, Massachusetts, USA

(click on the newspaper to see a PDF version, 113 KB)

December 2016

Indian Head School in Hanson, MA, U.S.A

Ginkgo germinated successfully at Indian Head School in Hanson, introduced by Michael McCue san.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Indian head school in Hanson, MA, USA

November 2016

Tehran Peace Museum, Iran

Ginkgo seedlings in 3rd trial, thus far success!

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Kirstenboch Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa

Public planting of Kurogane mochi (after Ginkgo), next plantings for Kaki and Kusunoki.

Green Legacy Hiroshima in South Africa

Kirstenboch Botanical Garden becomes a hub of activity around first batch of seeds sent in 2012 and now grown. 

Kirstenboch Botanical GardenKirstenboch Botanical Garden

Kirstenboch Botanical GardenKirstenboch Botanical Garden

(click on the news paper article to see a bigger image)

Municipality of Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland

Plaque with symbol mark established.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Municipality of Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland

Harry S. Truman Library, the U.S.A

The camellia finally flowered.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Harry S. Truman Library

Town of Avon & Rochester, the U.S.A

Three new ginkgo germinated.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Town of Avon & Rochester, USA

Bourbon Co., Ltd, Japan

Ginkgo preparing for the winter.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Bourbon Co., Ltd, Japan

Australian National University

First spring for the little Ginkgo.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Australian National University

Concordia University, Canada

Sole Ginkgo which survived out of seeds received.

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Concordia University, Canada

October 2016

United Nations European Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

On 3 October 2016, Gingko sapling was planted by UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, on the grounds of Ariana Park, at the UN in Geneva. GLH master-gardener Chikara Horiguchi represented us at the ceremony.

Green Legacy Hiroshima tree planting in the UN HQ in GenevaUN Secretary-General and Green Legacy Hiroshima representative

California, U.S.A.

The camphor tree at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego and the Gingko at UCLA are growing firmly. GLH co-founders accompanied by Keiko Ogura, a Hiroshima survivor, visited the trees. Another Ginkgo was also taken to Pomona College in California and planted on its grounds.

Green Legacy Hiroshima in CaliforniaGreen Legacy HIroshima

World Without War and Violence, Italy.

Thanks to Tiziana Volta, the dedicated and creative GLH partner in Italy, the Forum of Peace and Nonviolence featured the work of GLH. A similar event is scheduled for 2017.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

September 2016

ICRC, Switzerland

The Gingko at ICRC headquarters, growing stronger and stronger.

Green Legacy Hiroshima tree in ICRC

Saint Anselm College and Tufts University, U.S.A.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of GLH partner Mike McCue-san, Gingko saplings were planted at Saint Anselm College and on the grounds of Tufts University.

Green Legacy Hiroshima Saint Anselm College and Tufts University U.S.A.Green Legacy Hiroshima Saint Anselm College and Tufts University U.S.A.

University Icesi, Columbia

The Camphor on campus now a tall and strong tree!

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Vilnius University Botanical Garden, Lithuania

Saplings growing well, now about 50–60 cm high.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

City of Linkoping, Sweden

Ginkgo saplings prospering.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Bluegrass Community and Technical College, U.S.A.

Though many seeds did not survive, two of the Ginkgo are persevering!

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, Russia

Ginkgo saplings have adapted to their beautiful new home in Moscow and growing well. The Jujube and Kurogane Holly still shy….

Green Legacy Hiroshima

August 2016

Tokushima UNESCO Association, Japan

A team of students of Tokushima High School of Science visited Hiroshima on the 18th, were given an Aogiri sapling and also toured the mother tree, near the Museum.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Earth Caravan, Palestine

Seeds of Ginkgo, Persimmon and Jujube were dispatched by Hiroshima Botanical Garden, now germinating at the Palestine Museum of Natural History, Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability.

July 2016

Yanominami Elementary School, Japan

Tomoko presented sapling of Hiroshima’s Sakura at school’s Peace Event.

Green Legacy Hiroshima Yanominami Elementary School, Japan

Umuco Mwiza School, Rwanda

Seeds germinated and are growing well!

Green Legacy Hiroshima Umuco Mwiza School, RwandaGreen Legacy Hiroshima, Umuco Mwiza School, Rwanda

Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University, Beppu, Japan

Introduction to Environmental Studies greets the Hiroshima Sakura.

Green Legacy Hiroshima Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University, Beppu, Japan

Campus of the Australian National University, Canberra

Ceremonial planting of a Ginkgo biloba by Chancellor Gareth Evans, Professor Ramesh Thakur and guests on 21 July. 

Download Speeches (PDF, 422 KB)

Green Legacy Hiroshima Campus of the Australian National University, Canberra, AustraliaGreen Legacy Hiroshima, Canberra, Australia

Massachusetts, U.S.A

Mick McCue-san, the dedicated friend of trees and of Green Legacy Hiroshima has been shared with activities for Hiroshima survivor trees with readers in Massachusetts.

Read the article (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego

In a short time the JFG has become a haven, in a historical park, for descendants of Hiroshima's trees. The small camphor will thus partake in the Garden's August 6 ceremonies (it now also has a beautiful plaque).

Green Legacy Hiroshima Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San DiegoGreen Legacy Hiroshima Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego

Klagenfurt, Austria

Ginkgo and Persimmon seeds have germinated and seem to be adapting to their new Austrian home.

Green Legacy Hiroshima Klagenfurt, Austria

June 2016

Oberlin Shansi, U.S.A

Gingko saplings are growing well at Oberlin greenhouse.

Green Legacy Hiroshima - Oberlin Shansi, USAGreen Legacy Hiroshima - Oberlin Shansi, USA

Arnold Arboretum, U.S.A

First batch of Ginkgo saplings continue to flourish at the Arboretum. Additionally, a new set of Hiroshima seeds - Ginkgo, Kurogane holly, Camphor, Japanese hackberry and Jujube - have also just been sent by the Hiroshima Botanical Garden, and safely arrived, to be nurtured at the Arboretum.

Green Legacy Hiroshima - Arnold Arboretum, USA

University of North Carolina, U.S.A

A Hiroshima Gingko, raised by GLH partners Elizabeth Baldwin and Steve Leeper, was carried safely and delivered to the University of North Carolina, for a planting on 6 August.

Green Legacy Hiroshima - University of Noth Carolina, USA

Kabul, Afghanistan

We were told that Kabul’s weather is too dry, its altitude too high (at 1800 meters, one of the world’s highest capitals), its facilities inadequate. We had underestimated the energy and commitment of UNITAR coordinator Sokout jan, and the gardeners taking care of the Hiroshima Ginkgo, visibly flourishing. May they spread, and spread peace, across that ancient land!

Green Legacy Hiroshima - Kabul, Afghanistan

May 2016

Geneva, Switzerland

The Hiroshima Ginkgo to be planted by the UN Secretary General in the fall was handed over from Mayor Matsui to Mr. Michael Moller, Director-General of the UN office at Geneva on 2 May 2016.

Green Legacy Hiroshima


Cape Town, South Africa

Hiroshima’s 2nd generation persimmon, raised at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town, shared with the young.

April 2016

Cillarese Park, Italy

GLH’s untiring green ambassador in Italy, Tiziana Volta, spreading the message of Hiroshima trees in Cillarese Park.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Nakanoshima Elementary School, Japan

Students made a signboard for the sapling. After their graduation, a new group of 6th graders will take care of the tree.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Rochester, U.S.A

10 trees were planted. Mr. Mick McCue, Rochester Town Administrator continues to spread with the help of Arnold Arboretum, the Hiroshima saplings.

Green Legacy Hiroshima


The Ginkgo on UCLA Campus growing in good health.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Camphor trees sent by Hiroshima Prefecture are growing well in Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu.  

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego

A Hiroshima camphor, offered to JFG last year and planted in October, was visited and found in excellent health.  The long-term drought affecting southern California will hopefully be mild this year....

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

March 2016

Moscow, Russia

Business School students at Russia’s Moscow State University (MSU) adopt Green Legacy Hiroshima - here delivering seeds received from Hiroshima Botanical Garden, to the MSU Botanical Garden. The partnership has been spearheaded by former UNITAR staff, MSU’s Professor Sergei Shaposhnikov.

Green Legacy Hiroshima in Moscow, RussiaGreen Legacy Hiroshima in Russia

Geneva, Switzerland

UN Secretary-General to plant Hiroshima saplings!

UNITAR Executive Director, Nikhil Seth, and the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

The Hiroshima Ginkgo to be planted by the UN Secretary General in the Fall is currently being nurtured by GLH partners in Vaulx, France and will be heading to Geneva soon.


Green Legacy Hiroshima

Geneva, Switzerland

Ginkgo sapling offered to ICRC in Geneva has visibly survived the Swiss winter! 

ICRC Green Legacy Hiroshima tree

Hiroshima, Japan

GLH held an A-Bombed Tree study session for City staff and citizens.

A first-ever, the training was led by the Hiroshima City and ANT, and held on 19 March, with more than 130 participants attending.  It included lectures by GLH master gardener Chikara Horiguchi and Tsukuba University’s Masakazu Suzuki. 

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

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