February 2012, Tirana, Albania – A Mid-term Review Workshop and a National Chemicals Management Database Planning Meeting was held in Albania on 9-10 February 2012, under the framework of a national project for the implementation of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

The workshop was attended by some 30 representatives of government, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, academia, and industry, as well as UNITAR. As part of the mid-term review of the project, the draft updated National Chemicals Management Profile, as a key project document, was presented for discussion and endorsement. Discussions were also held on strengthening governance mechanisms, including terms of reference for an intersectoral coordination committee and national legislation on chemicals management. The recently-created website dedicated to chemicals management in Albania was also presented.

During the National Chemicals Management Database Planning Meeting, UNITAR guided the participants through the process of planning and developing a national chemicals management database. In working groups, the participants discussed various aspects of database design, including technical, user-related, and IT-related aspects. Over the next six months, Albania will establish the objectives of the database and carry out a situation and gap analysis. Subsequently, the technical requirements of the national chemicals database will be defined.

The Mid-term Review Workshop and National Chemicals Management Database Planning Meeting was hosted by the Institute of Public Health of Albania, with technical support provided by UNITAR, and financial support provided by SAICM’s Quick Start Programme Trust Fund.