5 October 2012, Hiroshima, Japan - Representatives of the 85 Fellows, Coaches, Mentors and Resource Persons attending the "UNITAR Fellowship for Afghanistan programmes Hiroshima Workshop" paid courtesy visits recently to the political leadership of Hiroshima City and Prefecture.

Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture Hidehiko Yuzaki, a long-time supporter of UNITAR, engaged with the Afghan delegation, discussing the reconstruction of Hiroshima and the role of women in post-conflict environments. Mayor Kazumi Matsui also encouraged dialogue related to the work of the individual during phases of reconstruction and outlined phases in Hiroshima's post-war growth.

The Workshop, held between 29 September 29 and 6 October, focused on Leadership and Organizational Change Management, and built upon workshops held in Kabul and Abu Dhabi earlier in the Cycle.

Fellows shared with the political leadership insight and reflections they had gained during the week-long programme and outlined the similarities as they saw them between Afghanistan and the Hiroshima of so long ago.

UNITAR thanks the people and political leadership of Hiroshima for their support and for hosting the UNITAR Fellows as they worked to gain the skills to assist in the reconstruction of their country.

Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, Hidehiko Yuzaki, is seated to the right, with Mr. Musa Kamawi, Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan, seated to the left