May East, CEO of CIFAL ScotlandMay East, Chief Executive of CIFAL Scotland, a UNITAR affiliated training  center for local actors, has been named in the of the 100 Global Sustainability leaders by climate change experts from ABC Carbon and Sustain Ability Showcase Asia.

She joins a prestigious list of academics, writers, business leaders, politicians - including the US Energy Secretary Steven Chu - and environmental activists, such as Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett.

May East is a sustainability educator and campaigner on environmental issues. Originally from Brazil, she was instrumental in setting up CIFAL Findhorn (Scotland) in 2006.  Originally based in the UN-Habitat Best Practice Designation Findhorn Ecovillage, the agency was renamed CIFAL Scotland earlier this year and now has offices in Forres and Edinburgh, where it teamed up with seven other UN agencies working to promote the work of the Organization in Scotland. May East recently attended the UN Conference on Sustainable Development held in June – Rio+20 – in her native Brazil where she is well known for her leading work in support of the country’s indigenous peoples, as well as some of its most deprived city communities.

May East said: “It is an enormous privilege to be leading CIFAL Scotland at such an exciting time in its relatively short history. We have achieved a great deal over the past six years in terms of advancing the green growth agenda through trainings, events and conferences. This award is a reflection, not of my work, but of the many stakeholders who are supporting the transition towards a low carbon future with equal opportunities for all.

As a leading member of UN House Scotland, we hope to build on our achievements and step up our work across UK and Northern Europe. From the village council to the negotiating table, this moment in history is calling forth the best and the strongest in each one of us. Together, we are reversing current trends of an unsustainable world and paving the way for a low carbon future and we at CIFAL Scotland and UN House Scotland are determined to ensure that we do so.”

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