2 November 2012, Geneva, Switzerland – CIFAL Jeju held a banquet ceremony to celebrate 67th UN Day and its own 2nd anniversary on 24 October, 2012, at the Grand Hotel in Jeju, South Korea. Jeju Governor Woo Keun Min attended the ceremony along with other dignitaries and leaders.

"CIFAL" derived from the French "Centre International de Formation des Acteurs Locaux", which denotes UNITAR's premise to train local government and NGO policy-makers as well as decision-makers.

CIFAL Jeju is the youngest among all the 9 CIFAL centres throughout the world. Located in Jungmun, Seogiwpo City, CIFAL Jeju shares a facility with Jeju Peace Institute (JPI) near the International Convention Center Jeju.

 Ambassador Chung Dal-ho Under the guidance of Ambassador Chung Dal-ho and Jeju International Training Institute (JITC), CIFAL Jeju’s mission is to "helps local actors to develop their capacities". CIFAL Jeju’s training sessions are currently organized under two themes, namely environment and human security.

During the celebration ceremony, Governor Woo outlined Jeju’s several international development cooperation projects in this year and said, "I hope that these efforts … will lead in the fields of environment and human security through cooperation with the UN."

The new interim director of UNITAR, Sally Fegan-Wyles, also congratulated on CIFAL-Jeju’s anniversary via a video message, stating, "Korea provides a shining example of the UN objectives … in its advancement of the people's welfare" and "CIFAL-Jeju is upholding the UN ideals of green growth and sustainability."

The keynote speech was given by Ambassador Park Soo-gil, a lifelong diplomat and former Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the UN who currently serves as President of World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA). He illustrated the significance of the UN in the global era and suggested the possibility of Jeju hosting the Secretariat of UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and even "an international organization under the notion of 'Integrated UN Human Environment and Development Centre' that combines the concepts of peace, tourism, natural conservation, and sustainable development."

Ambassador Chung expressed his wishes to see a branch office of the WFUNA established in Jeju province in the coming future.

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry, head of UN Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD), which was established just one year ago in Incheon's Songdo City, also attended the ceremony.

During the event, JITC launched "Friends of JITC" as an award for those who support UNITAR. Dr. Ko Seong-joon, director of the Institute for Peace Studies at Jeju National University, and Song Jung Hee, publisher of The Jeju Weekly, were awarded for their ongoing contributions to the success of CIFAL Jeju.

For more information about UNITAR-affiliated training centre, CIFAL Jeju, please visit www.cifaljeju.org

Photo: Ambassador Chung Dal-ho giving welcoming remarks.