January 2013, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR’s International Law Programme has recently published the list of e-courses scheduled during the first semester of 2013. The course calendar (PDF) for the upcoming semester is currently accessible from our website. It comprises seven e-learning courses in English, one course in Spanish, and one in French. The first semester course calendar also includes the new UNITAR/University of Geneva Course on International Water Law.

During the second semester of 2012, UNITAR trained more than 150 participants on several current topics of International Law, and is working to offer more courses in Spanish and French next semester to better reach beneficiaries from Latin American and West African Countries.  In addition, the Institute is constantly developing new International Law subjects to respond to the increasing demands of practitioners and law professionals for this kind of training. For example, this semester UNITAR will be implementing its new course on International Water Law that will be offered free of charge for selected participants. In the second semester of 2013, UNITAR will offer e-courses focused on International Environmental Law, International Water Law, the Global Commons and on the Law of International Organizations.

All courses are specially designed for participants working on a full-time basis. They are moderated by subject matter experts who guide participants in their learning process as well as respond to questions. In order to guarantee active participation by trainees and their close pedagogical assistance, the number of participants per course is limited to 30 students.

The courses on International Law offered by UNITAR are fee-based courses; however, the fee structure is designed to allow for the participation of students from a wide range of countries. Thus, participants from least developed countries benefit from reduced fees or fee waivers, and participants from developing countries and countries with economies in transition benefit from reduced fees.

Interested individuals can register for the e-courses on International Law through the UNITAR online catalogue, which allows payment of course fees by credit card.

More information about the UNITAR e-courses on International Law can be found at http://www.unitar.org/ilp/