GLH Worldwide Partners: Afghanistan

September 2015: The Afghan National Women’s Football team visited Hiroshima under the auspices of UNITAR. In their many and extensive programs they also had a lecture on GLH and a walking tour of A-bombed trees.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Afghan women's football teamGreen Legacy Hiroshima, Afghan women's football team

On 15 November 2013, seed collection for the Persimmon and Japanese hackberry survivor trees took place at Atago Pond, with the attendance of some of UNITAR Afghan Fellowship participants.

We have learned through UNITAR's Sabbahuddin Sokout-san that thanks to GLH partners in Afghanistan led by Dr. Naseri of the Agha Khan Foundation, trees are doing well: herewith the sturdy and visibly thriving Hiroshima Gingko biloba saplings in Kabul!

"Update Report About the Hiroshima Saplings and Seeds in Afghanistan", 18 October 2012

Embassy of Afghanistan, Tokyo

November 2013 : Updates received on the healthy and growing Hiroshima Aogiri, planted at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo, in June 2012.

"Ambassador Fatimie, Embassy welcome representatives of UNITAR, Youth Ambassadors, plant peace tree", Embassy of Afghanistan, 11 June 2012 (In English)

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