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Nichia Gakuin, Argentina

October 2014: A Ginkgo sapling was planted at San Andrés Golf Club, surrounded by 114 acres of magnificent woodlands and close to the centennial Club House.

October 2014: A Ginkgo sapling was planted at Liceo Militar General San Martin-- kindergarten, elementary and middle school. Julio, Seed of Peace coordinator, gave presentation on GLHI and their project.

October 2014: A Ginkgo sapling was planted at “Kyowa-en,” the recreation and sports facility of Japanese Association Burzaco (AJB). The planting ceremony was held with the attendance of Vice-consul of Japan, JICA Volunteers Coordinator, the Municipality, AJB members, associates and guests.

Nichia Gakuin, ArgentinaNichia Gakuin, Argentina

Argentina Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

February 2015: Mr. Komizo, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, visited the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires. Persimmon saplings growing well.

Green Legacy Hiroshima - ArgentinaGreen Legacy Hiroshima - Argentina

Nichia Gakuin, Argentina

June 29, a leafless Ginkgo sapling (it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere!) was presented to priests and parishioners at San Martin´s Cathedral, City of San Martin, Province of Buenos Aires.

On May 18, a Ginkgo sapling was planted at "Uruma en", Okinawan center.

On April 27, a camphor sapling was planted at Colegio Nacional N° 1 "Domingo Faustino Sarmiento" (a secondary school full of history) in the city of Parana, Province of Entre Rios (480 kms from Buenos Aires), thanks to the effort of Rotary Club Parana del Parque.

Nov. to Dec., 2013, They presented the saplings grown to two institutions: On 30 Nov., one Persimmon sapling was planted at Association Japonesa Escobar, city of Escobar, 55km from Buenos Aires, and on 19 Dec., a Camphor sapling at Universidad Nacional de San Martin Campus Miguelete. These activities have been introduced in many media. (Pictures below are from UNSAM planting ceremony)

For more information, please visit the web-site of their Seed of Peace project.

Japanese school “Nichia Gakuin”

October 19 / November 10, 2013, A Ginkgo sapling, grown at Nichia Gakuin, was planted at the municipal government house of City of 9 de Julio. The ceremony marked city’s 150thfoundation anniversary. And on November 10, three Persimmon saplings were planted at the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires, with Nichia Gakuin’s chorus participating.

October 4, 2013,A Ginkgo sapling, that has been shown at every presentation of their Project, had a green sprout on top!... she understands Spring has just arrived in Argentina!!!! 

They keep on receiving mails, asking for little trees. 

“Seed of Peace” project is going on. 6 August, 2013:  Members of “Seed of Peace” held a minute of silence in commemoration of Hiroshima, and visited Sadako and A-bombings posters.  The 'Seed of Peace” Project has been selected as one of three finalists in "Ideas Nikkei" program and a presentation to 500 Nikkei delegates from America is under preparation.

Visit by Ms. Keiko Miyagi of the Buenos Aires Japanese Garden to Hiroshima on 14 April - the connection established by Julio Bernal - GLH partner in Argentina. A rainy but moving encounter with the survivor trees.

One year has passed since Nichia Gakuin in Argentina applied to GLH (4 March 2012). The development of “Seeds of Peace” Project was explained by our committed friend and partner, Julio Bernal, to the local community.

Seeds of GLH in Argentina are advancing, and growing in leaps and bounds! See below dedicated website: "Seeds of Peace." 

 GLH is introduced in various media (TV, Radio, and Magazine) in Argentina with support of Mr. Julio Bernal from Nichia Gakuin. See the article in La Nacion revista, 7 October 2012 (In Spanish)

Green Legacy's partner in Argentina, Mr. Julio Bernal, has sent in some good news regarding the Hiroshima seeds recently arrived under his care:

  1. Survival rate of seeds almost 100%!
  2. Interview about Hiroshima seeds to Argentina's 2nd most important newspaper (La nacion) on 14 September 2012
  3. Gathering to discuss the GLH project with all Nichia Gakuin's educative directors plus General Manager, Administrative Director on 15 September 2012
  4. Invitation to explain this project in November at Argentina's Congress Library.

And a gift: seeds have become little trees in just one month!

Further good news from Argentina: this time from the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.

Arrival of seeds for the Nichia Gakuin in Argentina as part of an exchange programme with the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden, 25 July 2012 (photos below)

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