Project title, Programme: Communication and Information Technology Support Section

Title: IT helpdesk Intern (this is a non-remunerated position)

Area of Specialization/Thematic Areas:  User IT technical and content support

Overview (quick description of the funded project and its context):  Communication and Information Technology Support Section (CITSS) gives assistance in solving technical problems of its clients, namely staff and collaborators of UNITAR, who use various IT platforms including a virtual learning environment.  In order to better serve its clients, CITSS plans to develop a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the problem faced by colleagues and a solution for each problem.  The list should be made available on the UNITAR intranet, or Global.  Besides the FAQs, the Section intends to develop short instructional videos.

In addition, CITSS also envisaged developing an Alumni database, a database of all past participants of UNITAR events, from different sources, and integrating existing databases.

General Objectives of the Contract:  To assist the IT specialist in solving technical problems and document issues of users in order to create FAQs.  To learn the process of creating and producing instructional videos, and to compile and help create database of alumni and beneficiaries.

Responsibilities/Description of Professional Services/Learning Objectives:

  • Create frequently asked questions based on the user support experience
  • Assist in developing user manuals, technical documentation and training modules
  • Assist users within the organization with IT needs
  • Compile and convert alumni list in electronic format
  • Assist users of the learning platform for any technical issues
  • Perform any other related tasks assigned by UNITAR

Learning Objectives are:

  • To gain knowledge on the work of the UN and UNITAR in particular                  
  • To learn about IT standards and day-to-day IT operation in a UN context
  • To learn how to interpret technical language into simple and non-technical language and to be able to explain complex issues in understandable manner
  • To learn about Drupal based content management system
  • To learn about how to create instructional video clips
  • To learn about the virtual learning environment running on Moodle

Measurable outputs/Deliverables/Schedule of Deliverables:

  • FAQs compiled and available on the intranet
  • User manual and training documents
  • Alumni database in electronic format

Performance Indicators for Evaluation of Results:

  • Relevance of user manual, FAQ and training documents with user support
  • Usability of the alumni database
  • Frequency and quality of interactions with staff from all sections

Reporting structure: The incumbent reports directly to the IT Specialist, Communications and Information Technology Support Section

Duration of contract: 6 month

Remarks: This is a non-remunerated position.  General conditions of contracts for the service of Internship apply.

Interested candidates should send a motivation letter and a CV to by 17 May 2013.