1 May 2013, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR’s upcoming e-Learning course on Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks will equip participants with the conceptual knowledge and practical tools to efficiently overcome deadlocks in negotiations and successfully negotiate towards beneficial outcomes. It will allow for participants to: distinguish different approaches to negotiation, including distributive and integrative negotiations; better detect ‘psychological traps’ in complex situations; employ a comprehensive tool box for various negotiation situations and stages, including preparation, conduct, and closure of negotiation; and identify the most effective strategies in specific situations, based on learning experience, case analysis and practitioners’ feedback and advice.

This course will be led by a number of leading academics, which include:

  • Prof. William Zartman

  • Prof. Minh Luong

  • Dr. David Koschel

Senior practitioners in the field of international negotiations (President Martti Ahtisaarin and numerous senior diplomats) contributed to the development and delivery of this course. 

Participants from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are eligible to apply for a fellowship.

Information about dates, registration and fees