6 June 2013, Geneva, Switzerland/ Barcelona, Spain – In cooperation with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) UNITAR’s Peacekeeping Training Programme is launching an international Master’s degree in conflictology. The study programme enables candidates to validate their professional experience and upgrade their studies with a formally recognised degree. As learning is web-based, students will be able to remain in their countries and to positively contribute to the peace capacities of their local communities or national societies.

Through this cooperation UNITAR and UOC will bring up-to-date knowledge and best practices in an efficient and cost-effective manner by delivering courses that will contribute to solving critical issues and challenges that are encountered by the different actors involved in peacebuilding.

For more information on the Master’s degree and the further qualification options, please check the PTP webpage http://www.unitar.org/ptp/international-masters-degree-conflictology.

In order to build strong national peace capacities in countries where it is most needed, UNITAR is looking for sponsors willing to support dedicated students from least developed countries with their tuition fees to complete the Master’s degree.If you want to become a sponsor of peace, contact us at ptp@unitar.org.