14 June, 2013, Algiers, Algeria - People's democratic Republic of Algeria. In cooperation with the Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations (IDRI) of the Algerian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, UNITAR organized a three-day training on the United Nations protocol. This workshop was aimed at diplomats and officials from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs likely to represent their country in the context of international meetings or multilateral conferences.

The main purpose of the training was to familiarize participants with protocol practices and to help them to properly interact with other high-ranked personalities from the multilateral realm.

As protocol rules are relevant for both theory and practice, the training tackled the two aspects of the topic. Nineteen participants took part in this interactive training facilitated by Alice Hecht. Between 2006 and 2009, Ms. Hecht was the Chief of Protocol of the United Nations, where she was the key interlocutor between heads of States, Governments and Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Secretariat on organization of their participation to the General Assembly, summits, and United Nations international conferences.

After an exhaustive introduction covering the protocol system of the United Nations, the trainer developed the principles of protocol within the United Nations as well as the ones regarding the order of precedence. The second training day addressed the topics of official visits and verbal expressions to use in specific circumstances.  The third day was mainly focused on exercises and case studies which covered social events as well as gift policies within the United Nations.

This training took place as part of the fruitful partnership established between UNITAR and IDRI more than a year and a half ago. This training is also the starting point of the activities to take place as part of the 2013 partnership.