21 August 2013, Istanbul, Turkey - The UNITAR Hiroshima Office, in collaboration with UNDP Afghanistan and the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI) held a high-level training workshop on 15-19 August in Istanbul, focusing on leadership and management skills. With four Vice-Ministers and a number of Director Generals in attendance, the workshop examined practical tools that could equip staff at all levels of management with the skills and insights necessary to achieve departmental and national visions.

Participants examined theories, methodologies, and practical tools in areas such as self-awareness; actionable leadership; effective communication; developing and empowering high performing teams; and action plan development and implementation.

The highly interactive workshop included small working group sessions, lectures, personal profile questionnaires, after-action reviews, and study tours. The workshops also capitalised on the many years of experience and on the participants’ insights in the rapidly changing political climate of Afghanistan, which stimulated networking, cross fertilization, and collaboration.

The workshop will be followed up by further training sessions at ACSI in Kabul, in partnership with UNITAR and UNDP, and will involve participants of the Istanbul workshop sharing their experience and knowledge with other civil servants in Afghanistan. UNITAR will also lead a session on organisational needs assessment and evaluation.

UNITAR would like to express its gratitude to UNDP and ACSI for their collaboration in the successful execution of this workshop.