25 October 2013, Geneva, Switzerland - CIFAL Scotland and UNITAR have partnered with Stakeholder Forum to offer a unique e-learning opportunity on the fundamentals of the Post-2015 Development Framework. The course responds to the ongoing international debate around the construction of a new development framework.

In June 2012, governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio+20) agreed to launch a UN led process to create a set of universal Post-2015 Development Framework.  Based upon the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Post-2015 Development Framework is meant to form an international architecture that will enable countries and stakeholders to better target and monitor progress across the three dimensions of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic).

To be effective, the Post-2015 Development Framework will need to be developed with input and support from a wide range of stakeholders. Participants who take this course will be better prepared to engage with the international agenda on the Post-2015 Development Framework.

The online course is aimed at groups and individuals working on issues around sustainable development and interested in obtaining a general understanding about the Post-2015 Development Framework and the latest advancements made in this area.

Over the course of three weeks the course will cover the following modules:

Module 1: Introducing the Post-2015 Development Framework: Origins, philosophy and building on the MDGs

Module 2: Incentivising and measuring development progress with goals, targets and indicators

Module 3: The intergovernmental process on the Post-2015 Development Framework

Please check the CIFAL Scotland's website for more details and to register.  A flyer with a description of the online course can be downloaded.