Expert Dr. El Hadji Diouf had 15 participants from the National Investment Authority17 - 20 February 2014, Khartoum, Sudan - The UNITAR/UNDP workshop on “Investment Promotion", which was directed by international investment expert Dr. El Hadji Diouf had 15 participants from the National Investment Authority (NIA) of Sudan and from state investment authorities. The broad objective of the workshop was to determine approaches and tools for Sudan to attract foreign direct investment, and to manage investment with a view to accelerating development of Sudan. All workshop sessions were conducted in an interactive manner with presentations on specific issues followed by roundtables for open discussion and questions & answers led by Dr. Diouf.

The participants appreciated this methodology very much, as can be seen from the favourable reviews in the reaction survey conducted at the end of the course. Of the surveyed participants, the vast majority indicated a very high level of satisfaction with the course, and all participants indicated that they would recommend this course to a colleague. Participants’ comments about the course were generally very positive, testifying to the utility of the information and skills learned and the expertise and helpful facilitation of Dr. Diouf.

On the whole, participants provided very positive feedback on the workshop, below are comments from two participants:

“I think that it gave me a lot of information how I can promote my investment project”.
(Anonymous comment received through the participant feedback questionnaire)

“I am finished now. When I come back to office I will change many things in my job”.
(Anonymous comment received through the participant feedback questionnaire)

The workshop on Investment Promotion was the first training event organized jointly by UNITAR and UNDP under the UNDP Sudan Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) of 2013 to 2016. This partnership will not only allow selected Sudanese officials to benefit directly from UNITAR’s innovative methodologies and long-standing experience in knowledge transfer and executive learning, but also provides a practical example of making use of existing synergies within the UN system with a view to “Deliver as One”.

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Photos 1: Expert Dr. El Hadji Diouf (standing) presenting to the group of participants

Photo 2: Participants working on a group excercise