April 2014, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR delivered a successful core diplomatic training on Diplomatic Protocol in Geneva from 28–29 April 2014.

Working within any international environment requires diplomats and professionals to have an acute understanding and appreciation of the various layers of protocol. This is of particular importance when working with and for the United Nations as the many formal and informal, official and unofficial meetings and conferences require delegates to apply different protocol and formal rules.  

The core diplomatic training organized by UNITAR provided participants with an overview of Geneva’s multilateral mandate and an understanding of the three layers of protocol that are relevant to the daily work of diplomats and international civil servants. These layers consist of an international level, translated by the guidelines on diplomatic courtesy in Geneva published by UNOG, a national level made of the protocol regulations of the Swiss Confederation, and a regional level characterized by the protocol guidelines of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Furthermore, the core diplomatic training on Diplomatic Protocol gave participants the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the interactions between these layers of protocol with concrete illustrations, as the workshop also included briefings by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland and the Diplomatic Unit of the International Police of Geneva as well as a visit of the protocol facilities of Geneva international airport

The sessions have been highly participative, combining presentations, exercises and group discussions, in order to help participants strengthen the skills required to operate in international and diplomatic settings. The feedback from participants at the end of the training workshop was very positive and above all they appreciated the professionalism and experience of the trainer. H.E. Mr. Jean-Marc Boulgaris who is a former Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva.