GLH Worldwide Partners: Chile


Chile  Universidad Austral de Chile

  • Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile

August 2014: Mr. Vincente Pinto, ex-counselor of Embassy of Chile in Japan, visited the botanical garden of Universidad Austral de Chile. Saplings are growing in good health.  Mr. Pinto describes: ‘Ginkgos bilobas were the first to share their beauty and are now strong with buds, waiting their second vigorous sprouting ... one among all is announcing that green spring will come soon ... Cinnamomun camphors are so  generous, just as their parents, full of leaves and growing strongly ... Ilex rotunda were the last to wake up from their sleepy dream to Valdivia and are now just starting to show their first shiny leaves ...’ GLH Chile partners have started thinking about possible sites for planting the saplings.


  • Chile Botanical Garden Directors’ visit to Hiroshima

August 5-7, 2013: Mr. Pedro Gallardo Burgos, Director of National Botanic Garden, Viña del Mar, and Mr. Mython Jimenez-Castillo, Director of Botanic Garden, Austral University of Chile, visited Hiroshima.  They attended the Peace Memorial Ceremony on 6 August. On the 7th, joined by Mr. Vincente Pinto L., Agricultural Counsellor of Embassy of Chile in Tokyo, they visited Hiroshima Botanical Garden and A-bombed trees in Hiroshima.



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