• Tehran Peace Museum –October 9, 2013

The staff of the Tehran Peace Museum had worried about the health of Ginkgo saplings, so following advice of their gardeners and a Gingko specialist, on Oct. 9 they planted four small Ginkgo saplings near the southern wall of the museum, close to the gardening center and the large Ginkgo tree which has been living in the city park since decades. They are hoping the saplings will thus survive the cold and dry autumn/winter climate of Tehran and flourish in their new site. 


  • Tehran Peace Museum – September 20, 2013

The five Ginkgo saplings are growing, however there are concerns that they are not well-adjusted to their new environment.  The Peace Museum is looking for more suitable sites.

  • Tehran Peace Museum: Ginkgo seeds have started germinating. Planted on 11 March, 2013

  • On 11 Mar. 2013, during an event organized by the Tehran Peace Museum to welcome spring and also to mark, in solidarity with the people of Japan, the 11 March 2011 disaster, children and the volunteers of TPM planted seeds from the Hiroshima survivor Ginkgo tree. The pots were then handed to the center’s greenhouse for further protection and support. Information on this event introduced in English and Persian on their web-site.

  • Ginkgo seeds were delivered to the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM), Iran, thanks to the Hiroshima-based NPO group MOCT. Seeds will be cared for by the Center for Gardening Education. When mature the tree(s) will be planted inside City Park, accross from the TPM building. The news is intoroduced on the museum’s website in English and Persian.

    In solidarity with the people of Japan, on 11 March 2013, GLH seeds will be planted in pots on the occassion of the Iranian New Year (Nowruz), held by TPM, City Park and Gardening Education Center (please see the museum’s website in English and Persian).



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