GLH Worldwide Partners: Italy

Brescia, Italy

Several kinds of seeds were delivered to two nurseries. Jujube seeds to be grown at Cillarese Park in Brindisi; Jujube, Ginkgo, and Camphor seeds at three parks & gardens in Milano City.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

July 2014: GLH was introduced in an Italian magazine “Gardenia,” August issue:(PDF)

Remembering Hiroshima – Seeds of Peace from A-bombed trees (translated from the Italian) - They are called “Seeds of Peace” and are from 170 trees that survived the 6 August 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima.  Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative collects the seeds in the autumn and distribute them worldwide to those who make a request.  In Italy, the seeds have arrived at San Giuliano di Susa and in Lampedusa.

April--Seeds of Ilex rotunda were delivered to San Giuliano di Susa, with a ceremony followed by a moment of seeding. The mature Ilex rotunda will be planted in a Zen Garden in the near future.

On March 28, seeds of Kurogane holly and Jujube were delivered to the NGO, World Without War and Violence, in Brescia, Italy.  They will be cared for by the nurserymen, and when mature, the Kurogane holly will be planted at San Giuliano di Susa and the Jujube on Lampedusa Island.

Municipality of Comune di Mirabella Imbaccari, Italy

Jujube seeds sent in Feb. took more than 50 days for delivery and finally reached destination in May!  Jujube seeds were planted; however, no germination.

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