Rotaries in Japan


  • Hokkaido Rotary, JAPAN

January 14, 2014

A Ginkgo sapling was delivered in June, 2013, and planted in the front garden of Yoichi Hospital in the same month. During the winter season, it is protected by a winter enclosure.



  • Iwata Rotary, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN

September, 2013

A Ginkgo sapling was delivered in July, 2013 and is now on display at the lobby of Iwata Grand Hotel with its message. When mature, it is to be planted in one of Iwata City’s historical parks.



  • Ina Chuo Rotary, Nagano Prefecture, JAPAN

A Chinese Parasol sapling was delivered in May, 2013, and planted during a special ceremony at Takao Park. 



Rotary Hiroshima Peace Forum

  •   On 17-18 May 2013 Rotary Global Peace Forum Hiroshima, “Peace begins with you”, was held in Hiroshima. GLH Co-Founders Tomoko Watanabe and Nassrine Azimi, both gave their presentations, with the title each “Peace activities as global citizen” and “Hiroshima’s many legacies”, respectively. In commemoration of the new relationship between Rotary International and GLHI, Ginkgo saplings of Hiroshima A-bombed trees were presented to Mr. Sakuji Tanaka, President of Rotary International. It is planned to plant the trees on the grounds of the headquarters of Rotary International in Evanston. 5 saplings of Ginkgo biloba, 5 saplings of Camphor, and 3 advetitious buds of Japanese fern palm were also presented to Rotary Club of Honolulu, where the prior peace forum was held.
    In the afternoon of 18 May, GLH team also gave an A-bombed tree tour to some of the forum participants.

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