Green Legacy Hiroshima: A-bombed trees

Status of 2014-15 Seed Collection

The 2014-2015 season seed collection had its highlight around the Ginkgo biloba survivor tree at Hiroshima's historical Shukkeien Garden on November. 2, 2014. A dozen volunteers -- Green Legacy Hiroshima core team and working group members from UNITAR, Hiroshima University, and Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation -- gathered for the annual, productive activity. Seeds of Kurogane holly at Hiroshima Castle, and Camphor at Motomachi area were also collected on the same day.

On December 15, 2014, seed collection for the Persimmon, Japanese hackberry, and Kurogane holly survivor trees took place at Atago Pond and in Motomachi. Earlier in the season Jujube seeds had been collected from the mother tree on Peace Boulevard.

Green Legacy Hiroshima January 2015Green Legacy Hiroshima January 2015

Green Legacy Hiroshima January 2015Green Legacy Hiroshima

List of 2014-2015 available species

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