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Green Legacy Hiroshima: A-bombed trees

a-bombed trees - symbol mark

Symbol Mark for the Hiroshima A-bombed Trees - Design Concept


‘The inspiration for this design is the Platanus orientalis at Tenma Elementary School in Hiroshima, exposed to the Atomic blast at a distance of 1,270 meters from the hypocenter. The design intertwines the silhouette of the tree with that of the Atomic Bomb Dome, symbol of Hiroshima’s call for peace. The Dome’s black segments have merged with the blackened trunk of the damaged tree which, despite its wounds, appears to be giving life to beautiful, green new leaves. It is my hope that the design can tell the story of the revival of Hiroshima and its A-bombed trees-and spread their special message around the world.’

Atsushi SeoAtsushi SEO, Designer

Profile of designer: Atsushi Seo is creative director of the market design division of Hakuhodo advertising company in Hiroshima. He has been the winner of numerous awards, including the Asahi Award and the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Award.


2015-2016  Seed collection – Ginkgo tree of Shukkeien Garden  October 18, 2015

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

List of 2015-2016 available species

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