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Green Legacy Hiroshima has been established to safeguard and spread worldwide the seeds and saplings of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees.  It is hoped that many partners will join this initiative and become active ambassadors in their countries of Hiroshima, its peace message and its green legacy.   


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a-bombed trees - symbol mark

Symbol Mark for the Hiroshima A-bombed Trees - Design Concept


‘The inspiration for this design is the Platanus orientalis at Tenma Elementary School in Hiroshima, exposed to the Atomic blast at a distance of 1,270 meters from the hypocenter. The design intertwines the silhouette of the tree with that of the Atomic Bomb Dome, symbol of Hiroshima’s call for peace. The Dome’s black segments have merged with the blackened trunk of the damaged tree which, despite its wounds, appears to be giving life to beautiful, green new leaves. It is my hope that the design can tell the story of the revival of Hiroshima and its A-bombed trees-and spread their special message around the world.’

Atsushi SeoAtsushi SEO, Designer

Profile of designer: Atsushi Seo is creative director of the market design division of Hakuhodo advertising company in Hiroshima. He has been the winner of numerous awards, including the Asahi Award and the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Award.



2015-2016  Seed collection – Ginkgo tree of Shukkeien Garden  October 18, 2015

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

2015 Seed Collection

On December 15, Seeds of Camphor, Kurogane holly, and Persimmon were collected.

Green Legacy Hiroshima 2015 Seed collectionGreen Legacy Hiroshima 2015 Seed collection

Green Legecy Hiroshima 2015 Seed collection

List of 2015-2016 available species (PDF, 177KB)

Latest News

May 2016

Geneva, Switzerland

The Hiroshima Ginkgo to be planted by the UN Secretary General in the fall was handed over from Mayor Matsui to Mr. Michael Moller, Director-General of the UN office at Geneva on 2 May 2016.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Cape Town, South Africa

Hiroshima’s 2nd generation persimmon, raised at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town, shared with the young.

April 2016

Cillarese Park, Italy

GLH’s untiring green ambassador in Italy, Tiziana Volta, spreading the message of Hiroshima trees in Cillarese Park.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Nakanoshima Elementary School, Japan

Students made a signboard for the sapling. After their graduation, a new group of 6th graders will take care of the tree.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Rochester, U.S.A

10 trees were planted. Mr. Mick McCue, Rochester Town Administrator continues to spread with the help of Arnold Arboretum, the Hiroshima saplings.

Green Legacy Hiroshima


The Ginkgo on UCLA Campus growing in good health.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Camphor trees sent by Hiroshima Prefecture are growing well in Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu.  

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego

A Hiroshima camphor, offered to JFG last year and planted in October, was visited and found in excellent health.  The long-term drought affecting southern California will hopefully be mild this year....

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

March 2016

Moscow, Russia

Business School students at Russia’s Moscow State University (MSU) adopt Green Legacy Hiroshima - here delivering seeds received from Hiroshima Botanical Garden, to the MSU Botanical Garden. The partnership has been spearheaded by former UNITAR staff, MSU’s Professor Sergei Shaposhnikov.

Green Legacy Hiroshima in Moscow, RussiaGreen Legacy Hiroshima in Russia

Geneva, Switzerland

UN Secretary-General to plant Hiroshima saplings!

UNITAR Executive Director, Nikhil Seth, and the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

The Hiroshima Ginkgo to be planted by the UN Secretary General in the Fall is currently being nurtured by GLH partners in Vaulx, France and will be heading to Geneva soon.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Geneva, Switzerland

Ginkgo sapling offered to ICRC in Geneva has visibly survived the Swiss winter! 

ICRC Green Legacy Hiroshima tree

Hiroshima, Japan

GLH held an A-Bombed Tree study session for City staff and citizens.

A first-ever, the training was led by the Hiroshima City and ANT, and held on 19 March, with more than 130 participants attending.  It included lectures by GLH master gardener Chikara Horiguchi and Tsukuba University’s Masakazu Suzuki. 

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

February 2016

City of Montreal, Canada

Seeds have germinated and saplings grown to around 15cm.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Australian National University, Australia

Seeds sent by GLH last year have germinated.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Volgograd City, Russia

Seeds germinated and saplings grown to 10~14cm.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

GLH 19th Working Group Meeting (February 17, 2013)

Report of the meeting (PDF, 235KB)

January 2016

Rotary Club

Rotary Club members (Ms. Seki and Mr. Kawatsuma) presented the story of Green Legacy in a speech at a major Rotary Meeting held in Ontario, California, and planted a Camellia sapling on the grounds of the local Japanese garden.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Hannover, Germany

11 Ginkgo saplings are growing at the Botanical School Garden, now between 17 and 23 cm tall. 

City of Edinburgh, UK

Some 14 Ginkgo saplings growing at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, now 10-15cm tall.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Fremantle City, Australia

Seeds of Ginkgo have germinated, and the 12 saplings are now 30~40cm tall.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

December 2015

Nakanoshima Elementary School, Tokushima, Japan

Someiyoshino sapling was planted in the schoolyard.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

City of Granollers, Spain

In May 2012 Mayors for Peace had provided seeds to some conference participants in Vienna. The City of Granollers is one recipient of the seeds - by December 2015 around 15 seedlings (Ginkgo tree and Persimmon) growing at a private nursery there.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Bourbon Co., Ltd. Japan

December 2015: Ginkgo sapling ready to welcome the cold winter of Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata, Japan.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

November 2015

GLH 18th Working Group Meeting (November 27, 2015)

Report of the meeting (PDF, 376KB)

Rochester, Massachusetts, USA

November 2015: Ginkgo saplings in good health. However following advice of the Arnold Arboretum, planting originally scheduled for fall 2015 postponed to spring of 2016. In addition to Rochester, the saplings will be planted at Tufts University, the Arnold Arboretum, Avon and Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Sarajevo City, Bosnia & Herzegovina

November 2015: Ginkgo sapling has grown 13-15cm since last year.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Yano Nishi Elementary School, Hiroshima, Japan

November 2015: Peace candle event was held alongside the Chinese parasol tree song.

♪Song of Chinese parasol

Green Legacy Hiroshima

October 2015

Nakanoshima Elementary School, Tokushima, Japan

October 2015: 6th graders from Nakanoshima Elementary School visited Hiroshima on their school excursion and after a lecture about A-bombed trees, took back a 2nd generation Someiyoshino, to be planted in their schoolyard in December.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Radlje of Dravi City, Slovenia

October 2015: Seeds, planted in May, have germinated.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Fredrikstad City, Department of Parks, Norway

October 2015: Seeds of Ginkgo and Jujube planted by Mayor and children.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego

October, 2015:  In a planting ceremony on October 2nd, sapling which had been delivered by Nassrine in July was planted in the garden grounds.  Mr. Mike Kawamura, 2nd Vice President and originally from Hiroshima, gave a speech. The largest sapling, Camphor, is now named “Peace Tree.” Mr. Kawamura visited GLH office in Hiroshima on October 14.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Asian Health Institute, Japan

October 2015: A Chinese parasol sapling, delivered in 2012, did not survive. A new sapling was brought back to AHI by their international trainees.

Asian Health Institute, JapanAsian Health Institute Japan

Emden, Germany (report from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany)

A Ginkgo sapling presented by Mr. Wolfgang of Schwäbisch Gmünd to the Mayor of Emden, Mr. Bernd Bornemann, at a film event in the Emder Friedenstage.

Emden, Germany

Bourbon, Co., Niigata, Japan

October 2015: Ginkgo sapling growing and losing its leaves for the winter. 

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima


  • Municipality of Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland

October 2015: Ginkgo sapling delivered to the municipality of Sait-Suplice, to be planted on college grounds in the future.

  • ICRC, Switzerland

October 2015: Ginkgo sapling, planted in 2013, growing in good health.

ICRC, SwitzerlandICRC Switzerland

September 2015

No Gun Ri City, South Korea

September 2015: Ginkgo sapling is growing, taller than 50cm.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Ypres City, Belgium

September 2015: The city had received the seeds from Mayors for Peace in May, 2012.  Seedlings of Ginkgo and Camphor are growing in pots.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

First 2015 seed collection: Jujube seeds collected on 18 September 2015

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Kyoseian, Hiroshima, Japan

September 2015: Someiyoshino sapling growing in good health.

Green Legacy Hiroshima


September 2015: Camphor sapling delivered to Kompong Speu Provincial Teacher Training Center in 2014 did not survive and a new sapling just sent.

Sapling at Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Kingdom of Cambodia, is growing in good health.

Green Legacy Hiroshima


September 2015: The Afghan National Women’s Football team visited Hiroshima under the auspices of UNITAR. In their many and extensive programs they also had a lecture on GLH and a walking tour of A-bombed trees.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Green Legacy Hiroshima, Afghan women's football teamGreen Legacy Hiroshima, Afghan women's football team

Oberlin College, USA

September 2015: Tomoko visited Oberlin College with saplings of Ginkgo, Wisteria, and Chinese Parasol. GLH, Shansi, and Oberlin College signed an MOU, as part of a long-term cooperation.

Overlin College, USAOberlin College, USA

Local newspaper article (PDF, 2 MB)

August 2015

Frogn City, Sweden 

August 2015: 16 Ginkgo saplings, growing at Norwegian University of Life Sciences, are about 50cm in height.

Green Legacy HIroshima

GLH 17th WG meeting (27 August, 2015)

Report of the meeting (PDF, 106 KB)

Tver State University Botanical Garden, Russia

August 2015: For the second year, a "Day of Open Heart" was held. Another Ginkgo sapling, grown from seeds delivered in 2013, was planted in the garden with Japanese students studying Russian in Tver and Moscow.


Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Universidad Austral de Chile

August 2015: Held an exposition with the seedlings of Hiroshima A-bombed trees for 10 days, including a ceremony on the 6th with local authorities, members of UNESCO, INDH (National Institute of Human Rights) and Japanese Embassy at the "Casa Museo Santa Rosa de Apoquindo", in Santiago.

Universidad Austral de ChileUniversidad Austral de Chile

Universidad Austral de ChileUniversidad Austral de Chile

Radio Cooperativa (Chilean radio):

Local TV channel in Santiago:

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), Santa Barbara, CA, USA

August 2015: Mr. Rick Wayman, director of programs and operations at NAPF, visited Hiroshima. Had a tree tour with Nassrine. Reported that camellia saplings growing healthily in Santa Barbara.

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Bluegrass Community and Technical College, KY, USA

August 2015: Seeds of Ginkgo and Persimmon to be sent.

Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University and Hiroshima University

August 2015: Visiting the Kurogane Holly at Hiroshima's Rai Sanyo Memorial garden, with APU Ritsumeikan and Hiroshima University peace forum participants.

Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University, Beppu City, Japan visit Green Legacy Hiroshima

City of New Haven Peace Commission, CN, USA

August 2015: One of the Ginkgo saplings, which have been grown in Rochester under the care of Mr. MaCue, has been assigned to New Haven.

July 2015

Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego, USA

July 2015:  Seedlings of Ginkgo, Wisteria, Chinese parasol and Camphor were delivered. Hiroshima saplings settling in their new home under watch of Japanese Friendship Garden's David Brazier

Japanese Friendship Garden's David Brazier

Vilnius University Botanical Garden, Lithuania

July 2015: Ginkgo biloba seedlings (grown from seeds) are growing healthily in Vilnius University Botanical garden. At the moment they are about 30 cm high and starting adaptation to Lithuanian climate (relocated for this aim into outdoor bed).

Vilnius University Botanical Garden, Lithuania

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, The Republic of South Africa

July 2015: all four species have germinated exceptionally well and are all thriving in the glasshouses at Kirstenbosch.  Ilex rotunda and Cinnamomum camphora already exceed 2m in height. All four species will be planted out in the ground in a specially prepared site within Kirstenbosch this coming spring (September 2015).

City of Renens, Swizerland

July 2015: Seeds of Ginkgo tree dispatched. Receipt confirmed.

June 2015

Aberdeen City Council, Scotland, UK

June 2015: Seeds of Ginkgo dispatched. Receipt confirmed.

Yano-Nishi Elementary School, Hiroshima Japan

July 2015: Somei-Yoshino sapling was planted.

Green Legacy Hiroshima

Song by children (mp3 file, 3'18")

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

Spring 2015: Ginkgo sapling was planted in UCLA's Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

Green Legacy Hiorhima atomic-bomb survival tree sapling planted in UCLA

May 2015

May 24, 2015: To commemorate the creation of new A-bombed tree plaques, a special event to learn more about the trees, and to install the new plaques on each tree was held. More than 140 citizens, from elementary school children to people in their 80s’, joined the event. Mayor Matsui installed the new plaques on the Chinese parasol in Peace Memorial Park.

Media Coverage

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Green Legacy HiroshimaGreen Legacy Hiroshima

Batsford Arboretum, UK

May 2015: Seeds of Ginkgo tree and Kurogane holly delivered.

Concordia University, Canada

May 2015: Ginkgo seeds sent.

News Archive

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