Training Series on Biodiversity

The ecosystem approach as embraced in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) points at the subtle relationship between conservation, sustainable use, and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from genetic resources. It seeks to satisfy both ecological and human needs in the future, while its modality is comprehensive, integrated, and across time lapse. Though endorsed by many international conventions and decisions, and in spite of the continuous work to conceptualize it, the ecosystem approach needs further operational tools to be appropriately implemented. 

In order to address these requirements, UNITAR and its Faculty developed the Training Series on Biodiversity with a three-dimensional approach:

  • a focus on water resources and wetland management, to make best use of the workshop venue and the vital tool for ecosystem management--water
  • a focus on socio-policy aspects and development of appropriate methodologies to enable participants to acquire applicable and ready-to-use knowledge
  • utilization of lessons-learned and best practice approaches to enhance participants’ own thinking as to how best to apply the ecosystem tools to their own contexts

Launched in 1998 and having a large alumni network of over 200 experts, the series gained reference and recognition in Asia and the Pacific. In its workshops, the series addressed pressing global questions including biodiversity and climate change.

29 June - 4 July: Kushiro, Japan
Training Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change

13-14 August: Dehradun, India
Mountain and Forest Ecosystems: Challenges, Issues and Ways Forward

27-31 August: Kushiro, Japan
Training Workshop on Ecosystem, Water and Biodiversity

29 November - 3 December: Kushiro, Japan
Training Workshop on New Tools for the Ecosystem Management