UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme

The UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme provides an opportunity to learn about the United Nations system as well as careers in diplomacy and international affairs through participation in UNITAR events. The programme includes study trips to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, embassies, and United Nations organizations in Tokyo to experience firsthand the world of diplomacy. Youth Ambassadors deliver Hiroshima’s message of peace on behalf of their peers in Hiroshima, in Japan, and around the world.

UNITAR gratefully acknowledges the following for their support in the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme:

Official Supporting Organizations:

  • Hiroshima Prefectural Government
  • Hiroshima City Government
  • United Nations Information Center (UNIC)
  • Chugoku Shimbun
  • Rotary International District 2710

Contributing Organizations:

  • Marimo Co., Ltd.

The UNITAR Youth Ambassadors for 2013-2014 are: Ms. Sae Murai, Hiroshima Jogakuin High School, and Mr. Yuuki Yanagawa, Hiroshima Gakuin High School.

On 19 March 2013, the UNITAR Youth Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony was held to announce and congratulate the newly appointed UNITAR Youth Ambassadors. The Ceremony was attended by over 50 participants including 26 representatives of the Ministry of Oil of the Republic of Iraq, and partners in Hiroshima from both the public and private sectors. Marimo Co., Ltd. graciously provided iPads for the Youth Ambassadors. 

The ceremony was covered by Chugoku Shimbun Newspaper.

11-12 June 2013, Tokyo - The 2013-14 UNITAR Youth Ambassadors completed their Study Trip to Tokyo. The Study Trip included briefings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, United Nations University headquarters, United Nations Information Centre, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The Youth Ambassadors had the opportunity to meet with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Japan, H.E. Mr. Alaa Al-Hashimy, and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Japan, H.E. Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie. Visiting both national and international entities, the Youth Ambassadors gained important insight into the diverse role of the United Nations, international cooperation, and bilateral and multilateral diplomacy.


(Embassy of the Republic of Iraq)

(Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan)

(United Nations University)

(United Nations Information Centre)

On November 11 2013, the 2013-2014 UNITAR Youth Ambassadors made speeches at the reception ceremony for the participants of the Fellowship for Afghanistan in 2013. They spoke about their thoughts about the peace and post-conflict history of Hiroshima.


On 14 November 2013, the 2013-2014 UNITAR Youth Ambassadors met with Professor U. Joy Ogwu, Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United Nations, and discussed the role of today’s youth, gender, diplomacy, and peace.

The UNITAR Youth Ambassadors for 2011-2012 are: Ms. Yoko Kajino, Municipal Motomachi High School, and Mr. Ryosuke Koreyasu, Prefectural Hiroshima Inokuchi High School.

On 15 December 2011, UNITAR was proud to join Hiroshima Prefecture, Chugoku Shimbun Newspaper, and Rotary International to select and appoint the new UNITAR Youth Ambassadors for 2011-2012. UNITAR treasures these opportunities to engage with the youth of Japan to raise awareness on the importance of multilateral diplomacy to maintain peace. UNITAR hopes that this will encourage the next generation to actively embrace the ideals of the United Nations. Pictured below are Youth Ambassadors Ms. Yoko Kajino and Mr. Ryosuke Koreyasu with the three recipients of Honorouble Mentions.

The UNITAR Youth Ambassadors for 2010-2011 areMs. Yuri Takeuchi, Municipal Funairi Senior High School, and Mr. Taiju Sasaki, Municipal Motomachi Senior High School. 

An Appointment and Awards Ceremony was held at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on 18 October 2010 in order to announce the winners of the inaugural UNITAR Youth Ambassador Programme. Joined by Ms. Asako Toyoda, Deputy Mayor of the City of Hiroshima, Mr. Hiroshi Arioka, Vice-Governor of Hiroshima, as well as Mr. Jiro Kawatsuma, Past-Governor of Rotary International District 2710,Mr. Kazuyuki Kawamoto, President of the Chugoku Shimbun Co. Ltd., the Head of the UNITAR Mission to Japan, Mr. Alex Mejia, awarded both trophies and iPads to Ms. Yuri Takeuchi, a second grade student from the Municipal Funairi Senior High School, and Mr. Taiju Sasaki a first grade student from the Municipal Motomachi Senior High School. Three Honourable Mentions were also acknowledged. The competition, focusing on the youth of Hiroshima and their views on international diplomacy was well received, with dozens of high-level submissions. UNITAR thanks the staff and students of all schools who took part and congratulates the first UNITAR Youth Ambassadors.

The 2010-2011 UNITAR Youth Ambassadors completed their first official mission to Tokyo on 18 and 19 May, 2011. They had protocolary meetings with high level officials and received briefings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the United Nations University headquarters, the United Nations Development Programme Japan and the United Nations Information Center in Tokyo.

In addition, they met with the Ambassadors of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, H.E. Seiko Ishikawa, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E. Mohammad Amin Fatimie, and the Republic of Iraq H.E. Lukman Faily. During their mission they also discussed the value of diplomacy as a tool for peacemaking and development.


UNITAR Youth Ambassadors visit the Embassy of Afghanistan,
warmly welcomed by His Excellency Mohammad Amin Fatimie

Cultural insight at the Embassy of Iraq, shown with His Excellency Lukman Faily

A valuable learning opportunity at the Embassy of Venezuela,
with His Excellency Seiko Ishikawa