Main Activities not including Public Sessions

Management and Conservation of World Heritage Sites
15 - 20 April: Hiroshima
Training Session on World Heritage Management: "Management Over Time - Maintaining Values and Significance"

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UNDP/UNITAR/KIWC Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Chang
29 June - 4 July: Dehradun, India
Training Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change: "Mountain and Forest Ecosystems: Challenges, Issues and Ways Forward"

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Sea and Human Security
14 - 19 October: Hiroshima
Training Session on Sea and Human Security
“Towards a comprehensive security for seas and oceans: The Hiroshima Initiative”

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Post-Conflict Reconstruction and the Hiroshima Fellowship for Afghanistan

Final Evaluation Report
Workshop I: Leadership  and Organizational Development for Performance and Result, 12-14 August 2007, Dehradun, India 
Workshop II: Introduction to Project Management, 15-17 August 2007, Dehradun, India
Study trip to Japan and Workshop III: Leading and Mentoring Teams for Development and Change, 10-19 November 2007, Hiroshima, Japan