Huma Nav logoFollowing the official launching of HumaNav service on March 2011 at the occasion of the Fleet Forum Annual Conference hosted by UNITAR in Geneva, UNITAR’S Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT) is pleased to announce that UNHCR has requested its support to equip its fleet with the HumaNav solution.

On March 2011 HumaNav has became a unique Public-Private-Partnership between the United Nations and the industrial sector.  HumaNav is both a community of experts and operators and an integrated fleet tracking and navigation system developed by UNOSAT and NOVACOM Services.

Humanav chartThe HumaNav service aims to improve the safety, security and effectiveness of humanitarian transport missions by providing tracking, navigation and data capture for vehicle fleets of operational agencies.  It combines various space and terrestrial technologies to address these four principle needs of the participating organisations: Improving Security, Safety, Efficiency while putting less impact on Environment.

The benefits and utility of in-vehicle monitoring systems have been known and adopted for many years in private industry.  For the aid and development community, the increasing operational pressures combined with the growing availability and accessibility of vehicle tracking have resulted in a number of agencies piloting or adopting various available technologies.

UNHCR is already using HumaNav solution for its fleet operating in North and South Sudan, as well as some trial activities in Chad and Uganda. In the context of the development of its global vehicle fleet management policy which includes vehicle tracking and performance monitoring systems, UNHCR has selected HumaNav solution as a security measure for UNHCR staff working in difficult and dangerous environments.

For more information, please contact:  Mr. Olivier SENEGAS, Head of Operations, UNOSAT

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