ISSAI Certification Programmes in the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI



1. Nomination and Selection of Participants for ISSAI Certification Programmes – August – September 2012


The IDI will call for nominations for all three programmes on financial, performance and compliance audit from eligible SAIs in the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI. The required participant profile is described at the Criteria for Nomination section. The SAIs will be required to fill in the participant nominations electronically and send them to the IDI and the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI. The last date for receiving nominations is 24 August 2012.


Nominated participants that fulfill the applicable criteria will be required to take a pre test. Separate pre tests will be conducted for financial, performance and compliance audit. The pre test will be conducted by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The SAI will receive a username and password for the online test deployed on the UNITAR platform.


Each eligible SAI is required to conduct the online test for its nominated participants on the given date and time. The participants will be tested on their understanding of the audit practice (financial, performance, compliance) and basic understanding of the ISSAI framework, level 2 ISSAIs and level 4 ISSAIs pertaining to their audit stream. The procedure for selection of participants is described at the Selection of Participants section.


The IT requirements for the online pre test and for all the other online components of the programme are listed at IT Requirements section.


After the pre test the IDI will select 245 participants for all three programmes (financial, performance and compliance) from the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI. The participants will be selected on a regional basis, based on their scores in the test. Consideration will also be given to SAI representation and gender balance, subject to the candidates meeting minimum eligibility requirements in the online test.


Selected candidates will be invited to participate in the ISSAI Certification Programmes that they have qualified for. Each of the three ISSAI Certification Programmes will consist of following three parts:


2. PART One:  E-course on iCATs – 22 October-7 December, 2012


In the first part of the ISSAI Certification Programmes, three separate e-courses will be conducted simultaneously for the three streams of financial, performance and compliance audit. The E-course will be delivered via the Internet over a period of 6 weeks using the platform provided by UNITAR. Besides covering the iCATs for the relevant audit stream, the course will also cover iCATs for level 2 ISSAIs. 


The course will create a solid foundation for practical usage of the tool in the SAIs by providing  guidance on how to conduct the iCATs and compile reports for consideration of SAI top management. Each e-course will be mentored by an ISSAI expert from the financial, performance or compliance audit subcommittee of the PSC and ISSAI mentors from the regions. 


3. PART Two: E-course on Financial, Performance and Compliance Audit –  2013


Participants who successfully complete the First Part of the ISSAI Certification Programmes will beinvited to participate in Part Two of the programme. The second part of the programme will be delivered in 2013. Once again, three separate e-courses will be delivered on the UNITAR platform by ISSAI experts and mentors during a period of six weeks to train participants in ISSAI aligned audit practices for financial, performance and compliance audit. The participants will be exposed to audit template manuals and model audit files for financial, performance and compliance audit.


4. PART Three: Facilitation Skills Workshop  –  2013


Participants who successfully complete Part one and Part two of the ISSAI Certification Programmes will be invited to participate in Part Three of the programmes - Facilitation Skills Workshop (FSW). The workshop will be held for one to two weeks in  2013. 


At the FSW, participants will have the opportunity to get hands on practice in a variety of facilitation skills like presentation skills, discussion leading skills, giving and receiving feedback etc. These skill sets will enable the participants to facilitate ISSAI implementation activities in SAIs.


All participants who successfully completed the FSW will be deemed to have successfully completed the ISSAI Certification Programmes and will be awarded diplomas as “ISSAI Facilitators” by INTOSAI PSC and the IDI.


In order to be eligible for the diploma a participant has to successfully complete all three parts of the ISSAI Certification Programmes.


It is envisaged that this pool of facilitators will function as change agents in their SAIs, region and internationally in the INTOSAI community to take forward the cause of ISSAI implementation.


Programme Resources


  • The costs of the two e-learning courses and the facilitation skills workshop will be borne by the IDI. Further details of the conditions for coverage of expenses will be provided before each activity.
  • All products for the ISSAI Certification Programmes are developed by resource teams consisting of ISSAI experts from the three subcommittees of the PSC, ISSAI mentors provided by the SAIs as in kind contribution and IDI 3i programme team. 
  • The programme management resources will be provided by the IDI and the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI.
  • The ISSAI Mentors and ISSAI Experts for the two e-courses and Facilitation Skills Workshop of the programme will be provided by the IDI in cooperation with the subcommittees of PSC and SAIs.
  • Each participating SAI will need to provide their candidates required time and resources to enable them to successfully complete the ISSAI Certification Programmes.