Pre-test Process (August – September 2012)


The IDI will call for nominations for all three programmes on financial, performance and compliance audit from eligible SAIs in the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI. The required participant profile is described at the Criteria for Nomination section. The SAIs will be required to fill in the participant nominations electronically and send them to the IDI and the five English speaking regions of INTOSAI. The last date for receiving nominations is 24 August 2012.


Nominated participants that fulfill the applicable criteria will be required to take a pre test. Separate pre tests will be conducted for financial, performance and compliance audit. The pre test will be conducted by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The SAI will receive a username and password for the online test deployed on the UNITAR platform.


Each eligible SAI is required to conduct the online test for its nominated participants on the given date and time. The participants will be tested on their understanding of the audit practice (financial, performance, compliance) and basic understanding of the ISSAI framework, level 2 ISSAIs and level 4 ISSAIs pertaining to their audit stream. The procedure for selection of participants is described at the Participant Selection section.


The IT requirements for the online pre test and for all the other online components of the programme are listed at the IT Requirements section.